Best Backpacking Multitool 2021

Even the most passionate backpackers can’t think of going on a trip without the right tools in their backpacks. Well, backpacking is not a matter of just throwing your basic stuff in a backpack and setting out on a journey.

We are not living in the ancient era, though. Today, convenience and comfort are a real deal. And the best backpacking multitool has your back in every adventure.

Need to descale your fish or wanna pitch your tent?

You’re all set when you have the right multitool in your backpack. There are many options out there when you decide to spend your hard-earned money on a multitool. Each brand has its own kind of functions. For example, some have outstanding durability, and the others serve you more with a broad range of tools.

Likewise, if one has a great locking system, then the other features super durability. However, it’s a matter of preference what you really need to make your backpacking go smoothly.

So how can you make the wisest choice?

In this article, we’re going to help you out in making a good buying decision.

Top 7 Best Backpacking Multitools


1. Gerber 30-000469 Dime Mini Multi-Tool

best backpacking multi tool

Gerber 30-000469 is the top pick in our extensive list when it comes to both price and functionality. With so many tweaks, you can tackle any situation ahead with this gear. First up, the sturdy stainless construction prevents it from getting rusted. Moreover, this stainless steel construction makes this backpacking multitool lasts longer than an average one.

What do you need from a multitool? Of course, it should take less space and effort when using it. Gerber dime mini is serving you entirely at this front with just 2.75 inches in length. With a considerable range of 10 tools, you are able to do stuff from cutting a wire to opening a can.

What’s more?

Reviewers are raving about the comfortable grip that this unit has got. You don’t have to struggle to open each tool, as it comes with a butterfly opening style. Apart from all the features, this best backpacking multitool has an adorable design that makes it win the game of looks.

Good Features

  • An integrated keychain.
  • Budget-friendly.
  • Long-lasting construction.


  • Small pliers.

2. LEATHERMAN, Squirt PS4 Keychain Multitool

backpacking multi tool

If you are done with taking your multitool out each time when you need it, Leatherman Squirt PS4 is there for you. Weighing only 2 pounds and with a key ring attached, it is always within your reach. Also, the durable aluminium handles are making this backpacking multitool a sturdy piece.

Moreover, performing a bit of every task with its 9 tools. You can use this unit in your daily life, instead of just for backpacking. Aside from that, Leatherman is winning hearts by its one-hand access. Now you don’t need to use both hands to perform any task while on the trek.

What more can you expect?

The best part is that the brand is claiming a 25 years warranty for the tool. Means that, for decades, there is no way to go for another one multitool when you have a PS4 in your hand. Plus, with the squirt style and black outer, the unit reflects a complete look of a professional tool.

Good Features
  • Extremely handy.
  • Long life.
  • Comfortable grip.
  • It doesn’t contain a file.

3. Gerber Suspension Multi-Plier 22-01471

best multitool for backpacking

Looking for a combination of looks and functionality? Gerber suspension multi-plier covers both. No matter if you wanna descale a fish or cut a thick rope. The 12 integrated tools will never let you down on any occasion. On top of all, the spring loaded needle-nose plier is a huge plus when you wanna deal with tight corners.

However, the loveliest feature is the Saf.T.Plus component locking system. This system protects its users from any injury in case of a sudden slip of a tool. All tools lock in place, and you have a safe journey while this multitool is in your pocket.

Wanna know even more!

Though, all other backpacking multitools come only with one kind of each tool. This ingenious device has multiple varieties of one gadget. For instance, a fine-edged knife and a serrated knife serve their users in different scenarios. Furthermore, nylon sheath with the product makes it simple to carry around.

Good Features
  • Curved handles for a comfortable grip.
  • Safe locking mechanism.
  • Stainless steel body for a rustless tool.
  • It’s pretty heavy.

4. Victorinox Swiss Army Multi-Tool

best multi tool for backpacking

If you don’t mind the budget and looking for a whole pack of tools. Victorious Swisschamp comes with 33 gadgets to make you a pro in a backpacking journey. In fact, it’s going to be a faithful companion in any distress ahead with its broad range of tools.

What’s more good than having a gadget that will last longer as well? Victorious has you covered with its durable construction with stainless steel. Furthermore, the red outer makes this backpacking multitool appealing for outdoor enthusiasts. Swisschamp makes its users go wow when it provides a lifetime guarantee.

Not only this.

When it comes to portability, you don’t need to be worried about carrying a huge sized toolbox in your backpack. Instead, just put it in your backpack pocket, and you’re all set for great adventures ahead.

Good Features
  • A complete toolbox in your pocket with 33 tools.
  • Durable construction with stainless steel.
  • Lifetime guarantee.
  • The tools don’t lock in place.

5. LEATHERMAN-Rebar Multitool

backpacking multitool

This pick from Leatherman features a furious look making it perfect for all-time hikers or campers. Well, not only the looks, the brand has added 17 tools to it, making it not fall in functionality. Additionally, 100% stainless steel construction makes this unit a durable piece in the long run.

An extra tweak is that the wire cutters are removable. Also, it is equipped with a lanyard ring. Therefore you can attach it anywhere and grab it whenever you need it. Once you purchase it, there is no going back to spend your cash on another one as Leatherman gives a 25-year guarantee for this multitool.

The loveliest feature!

We can call this backpacking multitool an all-in-one as it covers all the desired functionalities of a perfect multitool. Apart from that, the Rebar multitool features a safety locking system. So with that, you can have a safe journey.

Good Features
  • Long-lasting manufacture.
  • Good selection of tools.
  • Safety locking mechanism.
  • It can be rigid to open.

6. Victorinox Swiss Army Swisstool Spirit X

ultralight multi tool

For an easy time in your trip, you need a wise selection of tools that are integrated with your multitool. Victorious Swisstool spirit X is ready to serve you with its 24 instruments. First up, the needle-nose pliers are perfect if you wanna cover tight spots. Coming with a compact design, it can easily slide into your backpack pocket.

With this backpacking multitool, you’re never too late to do a task. As it is handy in nature and functional in action. In addition to this, it’s also easy on your hands. The reason behind this is the innovative manufacturing of the contoured edges and arms that enhances the grip of hands.

Victorious favorite feature!

Finding a functional multitool along with your own safety might seem hectic. But there is no worry when Victorious Swisstool is there. With its each-tool-locks-in-place mechanism, the comfort and convenience should be your least worries.

Good Features
  • Has a smooth tool alignment.
  • Extremely handy while in use.
  • Easily accessible tools.
  • The scissors are a bit small.

7. ProMaster-Multitool Knife

backpacking multi tool

The feature that makes this unit stand out in the long list of other brands is its robustness. ProMaster boasts that this backpack multitool is as tough as a pro backpacker could be. That said, the brand has manufactured this gear with a stainless steel finishing. So it can survive any challenging scenario.

Coming with 14 functions, you’ll not regret this purchase. All the tools are the ones that a backpacker mainly needs. Moreover, there is not just one piece for each kind of tool. Instead, you can find two blades and four screwdrivers. Apart from that, due to its compact structure, you can easily hold it in your hands.

And it comes with a bag too!

As if that were not enough, ProMaster provides its users a money-back guarantee in case of any dysfunctionality. Hence you can go for this backpack multitool if you don’t wanna bother your money going to waste.

Good Features
  • Highly durable.
  • A handy gear in any situation.
  • Comes with a money-back guarantee.
  • Tools don’t lock in place.

Buying Guides

Ready to make  a purchase?

Wait a minute. Even though you now know the potential features for all products. But still you need to consider the prime things which a multitool must have.

Below is a comprehensive buying guide for you to make a wise choice.

(1) Accessibility

No matter what, accessibility of the tools is going to win the game. This factor plays a significant role in making a multitool user-friendly. In fact, accessibility has a bigger effect on functionality than a tool’s design.

Experts recommend the butterfly opening of a backpacking multitool as more accessible than the one-handed opening.

(2) Construction

You don’t want your multitool coming in your hand broken in the middle of a jungle trip. So sturdy construction counts for a lot when we talk about the best multitool for backpacking.

More often than not, these multitools come with stainless steel construction. This steel finishing helps them not get rusty or get completely broken.

(3) Functionality

What’s the worth of a gadget without any functionality, though. Before making a purchase, take a look at your needs. Be clear about what functions you need from a multitool.

Think, what kind of challenges you’ll be facing on your trip. Maybe a multitool has a whole variety of blades. But what you need is only a primary blade and more screwdrivers. So it’s an excellent activity to look for suitable functionalities from a multitool.

(4) Locking Mechanism

The best backpacking multitool is all about convenience and safety. But if it doesn’t save you from its own blades and pointed pliers, there is no good to spend your money on it.

While you’re on a point to hit the add-to-cart button. Go back and check whether the brand is giving any lock mechanism or not. Several brands on our list are offering this feature in their multitools.

(5) Budget

It’s not always like, you get what you pay for. No doubt there are many brands for multitools that are providing additional functions at a premium price. But some options will give you the same value by compromising on the looks.

You can get the perks of complete functionalities at less price. What you need only is to do deep comparative research on all the products.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why do we exactly need a multitool?

You need this gear before you’re taking a step out for backpacking. Because a multitool is all about self-help. You no longer have to hurt your teeth to open a bottle. Fixing a zipper will be a cakewalk when it is in your hands.

Besides that, in scenarios like camping or hiking, there are dozens of tasks like cutting the wires, branches, and ropes that a sharp blade in your multitool can perform. Hence you always need a multitool to survive these situations.

2. What kind of metals should be in the construction of multitools?

No doubt you’re going to face all kinds of weather and challenges on your camping or hiking. And your multitool is gonna be with you being your outdoor companion.

So it needs to be as tough as you are. Stainless steel is the best metal your multitool should be constructed by. Firstly, it will not rust the gadget. Plus, the durability of the steel will make the backpacking multitool last longer.

3. How many years should we look for the guarantee of multitools?

Most brands come with a long guarantee for multitools. For instance, Gerber and Leatherman give 25 years guarantee for their gadgets. And this is a long duration to take a lot of work from any multitool.

However, there is also a warranty option. But it applies only if you return the product without any defect. Well, you should be looking for long durations for guarantees. Because more the duration, more the convenience of fixing any fault by the brand itself.

4. What types of multitools are there?

There are primarily three kinds of multitools regarding the method of use they provide.

(i) Pocket multitool.

(ii) Wallet multitool.

(iii) Keychain multitool.

Which is the best? Totally depends on your needs. If you want more functionalities than compactness, pocket multitools are the top one.

5. Is there a specific tool your multitool must be equipped with?

For most backpackers, blades are the essential tools they must need. But only blades can’t survive your outdoor adventures. If there is a specific tool that you always require, you can look for it in the product. The multitool with a wide range of tools is the best choice as it covers all needs.

But even more, you can also go for special-purpose multitools if you expect one function on top of all the others.


Sitting at home, you can’t imagine what hurdles you’re gonna face in your backpacking trip. Even a simple task like can-opening could be a nightmare when you have nothing around to do it safely.

A backpacking multitool gives you a service of “the less is more,” making your trip trouble-free. So the bottom line is if you wanna make your adventures worth remembering without any discomforts. Go and make a perfect pick for you from the above list.

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