Best Electric Cooker to Buy in 2022

Here at GearDetects, we have covered a wide range of topics. Our today’s mission is a little different. You must have heard about pressure cookers or all-electric ovens. 

Today, we are going to talk about the best electric pressure cookers to buy in 2022. Electric cookers are now getting its due popularity across the United States of America (USA) and it is already quite popular in the United Kingdom (UK). 

The overall setup of electric cookers is very simple and clean. You don’t need a lot of technical skills to fix an electric cooker in your kitchen. A standard electric cooker is approximately 60 centimeters in diameter and same is the case across all of UK. 

All you have to do is to make sure that the electricity supply is suitable and stable behind it. We believe that the necessary introduction has been done and now we should move on towards our main topic. What are the best electric cookers on the market currently? Let’s check out the list.

Top 5 Best Electric Cookers to buy in 2022

Zanussi ZCV69360WA

Alright, the first product that we are going to discuss is basically a ceramic hob. If you don’t have any issues cooking on this hob then we must tell you that this option from Zanussi is quite a spectacular black-and-white option. 

There are tons of people happily using the Zanussi ZCV69360WA ceramic hob and are quite sure about its overall performance. However, we still believe that the major selling point of this device is the huge 73-litre oven that bakes and roasts pretty well on almost all of its shelf levels and keeps the temperatures intact too. 

For an all-round crispness, it has also got the air fry function and a PlusSteam facility which is incredible for warming up or baking pre-packaged breads and other stuff alike. 

There is another 39-litre over which is capable of cooking extra ingredients or desserts. The inner lower cavity will take care of the main dish. You can also use this electric oven as a grill and a lot of people believe that it’s a fantastic option for even cooking. 

We’d definitely recommend it because this is one of the highly regarded cookers on the market and its efficiency and accuracy is top-notch with great value for money as well. It is going to cost you around £700 in the UK. If you have this budget, go for it.


  • Temperature control is great
  • Steam tech
  • Air-fry
  • Huge main oven


  • Some people don’t prefer Ceramic hob


A lot of customers look to save some of their hard-earned cash and are not ready to compromise on performance either. Well, we believe there is a way out in the shape of Beko KDC653. It is an affordable ceramic hob with a variety of positive features. You can choose between white, black and silver color options. 

This incredible machine packs a responsive electric ceramic hob with two ovens. You’d find the same in most standalone 60 cm cookers. You can use the 69-litre bottom oven, which is fanned and can be used for a Sunday roast or any baking related sessions. 

For grilling and other relevant stuff, you can use the top 36-litre cavity. This product can reach up to 240˚C temperature and we have not seen any other cooker doing the same. Anything that requires higher than normal temperatures is going to be easier with this feature such as baking pizzas or roasting a full chicken. 

There is a nice way of cleaning the lower cavity using steam power. Fill the tray with water and turn on the full temperature. Any stains or grease on the sides will fade away with the help of an increased temperature.

If we talk about the upper area, there digital touch controls that are extremely easy to control and will give the hob a premium induction look as well. It heats up really quickly and some of its users are not reluctant to call it as hot as using a gas hob. This decent electric cooker will save you around $300 bucks and is available at a reasonable budget of close to £350 in the UK.


  • Affordable
  • 69-litre bottom oven
  • 240˚C temperature
  • Three color options


  • Hob controls are a bit complex

Rangemaster Classic 60

Rangemaster is one of the most solid companies as far as cookers or range cookers are concerned. In the year 1830, they invented the original range cooker and its wares are still being manufactured in the original Royal Spa factory. 

This latest Rangemaster Classic 60 is a perfect example of an electric cooker and it is also available in cream or black. It also offers the gas job if required and the classic retro design of this machine thrives. There is an arched baker’s window in the bottom oven and gives you a classic look. The overall build quality is magnificent and the products of Rangemaster are known for its reliability and reasonable prices as well. However, this one is a bit expensive and is coming at close to £850, however; we still believe that it is a fantastic deal to grab with such features and reliability. 

The fanned cavity on the main has a total capacity of 69-litres and the top-oven cum-grill will give you around 35-litres of space. Therefore, every conceivable dish has got lots of space to dive deep and come out crispy and delicious.

If we talk further about its features, we notice that the Rangemaster Classic 60 packs a four-zone induction hob that makes use of the physical knobs to take control of each zone and a touch control timer on the induction surface is also present. 

Physical controls give you an improved efficiency and performance. The overall looks of this device are aesthetically pleasing and we’d suggest that if you can manage the budget, do not turn away from this machine.


  • Physical controls
  • Excellent build quality
  • Efficient performance
  • Lots of space


  • Expensive


Looking for a nice extra-large oven cavity? Well, the AEG CIB6732ACM is offering 73-litres space and the main oven is a bit larger than others. Overall, if you are looking for some extra space, the device will definitely help you feel better. 

There is a 39-litre top cavity that works as a conventional and non-fanned oven and can be used for grilling purposes as well. 

You can make easy and fine temperature adjustments because you’ve got physical controls in this four-zone induction hob. The positioning of the controls is a bit complicated as they are split left and right rather than all in the same area. 

There is another interesting feature in this device that kind of links the two zones together for rectangular cookware and you also get the touch-sensitive power-boost controls on the glass plinth in order to boil pots of water in less than two minutes.

There are a few similarities between this product and the Zanussi reviewed above. Both of them are part of the Electrolux group. Go get the AEG if you can afford an extra outlay and you need to keep one thing in mind, the power loading of this device is hefty at 11.3kW, therefore; your power supply should be sufficient enough to get the job done properly.


  • 73-litre space 
  • East temperature adjustments
  • Touch controls 
  • Efficiency


  • Power load is very high


There are very few simple and effective models on the market as far as electric cookers are concerned. Although, we have found the Indesit IS5V4KHW that comes across as a very simple and affordable cooker. The whole width of this product is around 50 cm and it perfectly fits in your small kitchen.

The asking price for this machine is only £200 and you can only expect basic features such as just a single 61-litre oven with a conventional variety. It also lacks a fan but a lot of people are okay with it since the baking results of this product were satisfactory. 

It also comes with a grill but it is in the same cavity therefore; you cannot use the grill when the oven is in use. 

Stirring the ingredients regularly is important because we have head that Indesit’s four-zone ceramic hob will not spread the heat equally around the pan. You might find it difficult but again, finding such an electric cooker for at such a humble price isn’t easy either.

Overall, it’s a very compact and effective option and a lot of budget-friendly customers are going to look at this as a serious option to consider. 


  • Not a huge size
  • 61-litre oven 
  • Affordable
  • Simple & effective


  • Requires constant stirring
  • Single cavity oven

Conclusion: Best Electric Cooker

To be honest, discussing the best electric cookers was an extremely new experience for us. We have tried our hands at many things but electric cookers were not one of them, until today. Just like our previous pieces, we have tried our best to bring you the best possible options to choose from. Electric cookers are in high demand these days and people are actually shifting towards this new category. As far as the top 3 best cookers among the above-reviewed devices are concerned, we believe that the first spot should be given to the Rangemaster Classic 60 because of its excellent physical controls and lots of space. 

The second spot goes to the BEKO KDC653 as it gives you a nice electric ceramic hob with two ovens. 

The overall performance of the BEKO KDC653 is exemplary as well. The third and last spot goes to the Zanussi ZCV69360WA that roasts and bakes extremely well with its 73-litre oven. Write it down in the comments below if you have any queries. 

We shall try and answer them as soon as possible. Keep looking for top-notch stuff on our platform as we bring you the latest updates and reviews. Goodbye and good luck until we meet again with another analytical piece. 

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