Best leaf vacuums, blowers and sweepers to Buy in 2022

Are you a garden guy? If yes, then you must accept that clearing the leaves is one of the worst experiences in all of gardening related tasks. There are several reasons for it. 

Therefore, having leaf vacuums, sweepers and blowers make are all quite necessary. Leaf clearance is quite tiresome because they fall a lot during the autumn and you just cannot broom them away because of their light weight. Rain and wind are also there to play its part in making your job more difficult.

Leaf clearing is very different when it is done on a hard and plain surface. When we talk about clearing lawns, it’s a whole different story. 

However, there are a few amazing machines that are quite helpful in this regard and are ready to assist you to a great extent as far as clearing leaves are concerned. There is a list down below and all of these products are brilliant in their own ways. Let’s take a look at their features and specifications.

Top Best Leaf vacuums, blowers and sweepers to buy in 2022

Worx Leafjet WG543E

Price: $125.99

The first product that we’re going to discuss is the Worx Leafjet WG543E. This product is very lightweight and doesn’t bother your hands even after holding it for a longer period. It only weighs around 1.8 kgs and it is currently the lightest blowers around. 

The balance is super cool and it uses a brushless motor and air amplifier technology for maximum thrust. Most people only rely on using the standard speed limit, however; it has a maximum airspeed of 130 mph and in most cases, it is not needed. 

The whole device is operated by a 4.0Ah PowerShare battery that gives you around 15 minutes of leaf-dispersal time. It is a highly recommended tool and perfect for day-to-day use in your garden.


  • Lightweight
  • Powerful
  • Affordable
  • Decent performance


  • Speed is not variable

Black & Decker 3000W Blower VAC

Another great option that we wanted to discuss in this list is this 2-in-1 Black & Decker 3000W Blower VAC corded model that brings efficiency and a bit of noise as well. 

The wind speed in blowing mode is expected to reach 260 mph, however; the air speed is adjustable with the help of a little knob just under the handle. 

Compared to Einhell and Bosch, this machine is relatively better at collecting moderate amounts of leaves. 

It also provides a good balance and the whole device is easy to hold. The included shoulder strap is also going to help you a lot in handling it tightly. 

This machine is bigger than its competitors because it also packs a nice 72-litre collection backpack. This model is easy to use and the overall price-range is affordable as well. Dragging a cable around is a bit of a problem but, the overall experience is quite refreshing.


  • Extremely powerful
  • Easy to handle
  • Extra shoulder strap
  • 72-litre collection backpack


  • Noisy

Ryobi OBL 1820S

Price: £53.89

This powerful cordless blower is one of the best options for people that are having a small garden in their backyard. 

This machine comes with just a single speed setting and you’d only get around 10 minutes of working with its 18v battery. There is a clip-on nozzle and it uses its components to perfection. 

The Ryobi OBL 1820S is a lightweight machine and it is powerful enough to clear your small home garden. The noise-level is also controlled and it doesn’t wake up your neighbors at all. The vibration is a bit over the top and you’d feel it in your hands while using it.


  • Lightweight 
  • 18v battery
  • Low noise-level


  • Only 10-minute working 

Karcher Push Sweeper S4 Twin

Price: $168.00

If we talk about sweeping leaves and other waste particles from hard surfaces like driveways, patios or pathways, you’d need a bit of elbow grease and most brooms are not good at doing it. 

This is a very common problem and we believe that the Karcher push sweeper is the right solution for this problem. There are no motorized parts in this machine and it uses two large inwardly spinning brushes that do a fantastic job of clearing leaves and other debris into a 20-litra container.

The whole width of the machine is close to 68 cm, therefore; you’d need a bit of extra effort while cleaning the corners. 

You can handle it properly in your hands because of its 10 kg weight, however; it is very easy to push this device and you can do it at a rapid speed as well. The front brushes will spin faster as you move and walk faster. The debris are also going to flung into the collection box.

If you are looking for something that causes very little noise and does its job perfectly as far as clearing leaves are concerned then you must take a look at this product.


  • Very quiet 
  • Accurate cleaning 
  • Perfect for hard surfaces


  • Doesn’t reach corners
  • Very heavy

Einhell GE-CL 36/230 LI E

Price: $119.99

The next machine that we’re going to discuss is on another level. The Einhell GE-CL 36/230 LI E is a unique thing in itself. Once you start this machine, it basically turns everything into a pile of sorts. The next step is to remove the narrow blow tube and add the wide suction fitting that comes with wheels as well. After popping the suction tube on, attach the little 45-litre collection bag and witness the leaves disappearing in a jiffy. They are then collected from the tube to be disposed easily as little bits and pieces. 

Unlike the above machine, it weighs around 5 kgs and it is definitely quite heavier. This model is designed to run on two separate 3.0Ah 18-volt batteries. Don’t look at its heavy weight, once you see the power it releases in clearing the leaves, you’d become his fan surely. 

There is a speed control button that gives you the entire idea and helps you in adjusting the output for different experiences. They say the air speed is close to 130 mph but it magically feels like more than 200 mph.

There is no turbo suction available but it generally performs really well at sucking. The running time is close to 20 minutes but it is far less in Turbo mode. Because of its two batteries, it should be able to give you around 30 minutes of running time. It simply works like a hurricane and there is no wired connection therefore, you can take it wherever you want.


  • Speed control button
  • Extremely powerful
  • Vacuum power is good


  • Turbo suction not available

STIHL SH 56 C-E Petrol Shredder

Someone that owns a huge suburban garden will definitely fancy using a petrol-powered model like this STIHL SH 56 C-E. It weighs around 5.5 kgs and it is a bit heavier than its battery-powered competitors. 

You need to fill the two-stroke engine with a mixture of petrol and oil. Also, you will have to press the manual fuel pump nipple and pull on the started rope. 

The starter cord is quite good because it is directly connected to Stihl’s ErgoStart system and it basically reduces one’s effort to start it by two thirds.

After it starts working, this amazing leaf blower will handle the garden with aplomb. The 45-litre collection bag seems small after taking its petrol-power engine into account. 

Some users have been using the garden tools of Stihl and they have confirmed decades of reliability. You must consider this machine if you have a huge garden to work on.


  • Petrol-power
  • Sucking power is brilliant
  • Great for huge suburban gardens


  • The 45-litre bag is smaller 
  • Petrol is expensive

Gardena Leaf & Grass collector

Price: $300

If we talk about leaf vacuums then they do a great job at sucking up leaves on a smaller scale. On the other hand, they are considered pretty awful on lawns. You need a better machine for lawns and this Gardena leaf and grass collector can certainly help you achieve your target. 

The method of this machine is pretty simple. If we explain it simply, a row of long bristles is going to start revolving around in reverse after you start pushing it along and the leaves will fling into the huge catcher of the rear.

For a premium optimum performance, you will have to do some adjustments to avoid missing the leaves on the ground. 

Some people are quite impressed with the overall results of this machine because of their huge lawns and we’d also consider this device a worthwhile choice to take. If you are having a leafy lawn, this heavy and bulky machine is going to do the job for you. The noise is also quieter than any leaf blower on the market.


  • Very solid performance
  • Affordable
  • Quiet


  • Bulky 
  • Takes a lot of space 

Bosch Universal Gardentidy

Price: £88.00

The next product that we’re going to discuss in this list is an electric model from the Bavarian house of Bosch. It helps in blowing, sucking and shredding your left-strewn garden and helps in making it a clean and plain surface. 

The adjustable air speed of the Universal Gardentidy ranges from 102 mph to a magnificent 177 mph which is enough to clear or shift the wettest leaves as well. 

After blowing some leaves into a semblance of order, you need to change the narrow blower tube to the wide suction tube and attach the 45-litre collection bag to actually turn the whole shebang into an extremely powerful vac.

Vacs that are leaf blowers are quite noisy, however; we have not heard a lot of noise as it only gives a 99dB sound in a low-speed mode. It is a major positive for a lot of customers that are not fond of a lot of noise. 

It comes with 1,800 watts of power and the general noise is quite low compared to some other products reviewed in this list. There is a padded shoulder strap as well that helps in handling the device nicely. This powerful electric blower vac is a precise and accurate machine that comes at an affordable price.


  • 1800 watts of power 
  • 45-litre collection bag
  • Low noise 


  • Quite heavy

Conclusion: Best leaf vacuums, blowers and sweepers

Concluding this topic is not simple. There are tons of designs and different machines that are used for leaf clearance and garden cleaning. We cannot suggest all of them to everyone because some of them are quite expensive as well. 

There are people that like less noise and there are people that don’t care about loud noise as far as their garden is getting cleaned. 

Therefore, we decided to name and discuss as many as eight products in this list to let everyone choose a product of their choice. 

That’s all from our side then. Write it down in the comments below if you have any queries. We shall try and answer them as soon as we can. See you soon in our next analytical piece. Until then, goodbye and good luck with whatever you choose. 

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