Best Mountaineering Sunglasses of 2021

If you like to do mountain climbing frequently then you need to get your hands on the most high-quality and Best Mountaineering sunglasses so that you will stay safe and protected from the harmful UV rays which can potentially cause a lot of damage to your skin especially the eyes.

best mountaineering sunglasses

Mountaineering sunglasses are most commonly used among hikers and those users who love to track to high altitudes frequently. When you go to high altitudes there is a greater chance that you will get affected by UV rays because they are potentially very strong at high altitudes which is the reason why it is highly recommended to buy the most premium quality Mountaineering sunglasses.

Many important factors ensure the durability of a mountain wearing sunglasses. One of the most important factors would be the lens type and if it suits your needs in the best way possible. Another very important thing to consider is to never step too far from your budget limitations because it will be hard for you to maintain the sunglasses in the long run especially when you purchase an expensive item.

If you do not buy sunglasses for mountain climbing then you will greatly suffer from UV radiation because prolonged exposure to UV rays can eventually lead to blindness which is something you do not want to experience.

This is the reason why it is in our best interest to read this article so not only that you will be able to save your time but also get your hands on the most suitable and high-quality mountaineering sunglasses that fulfill your requirements perfectly.

Important factors to look for while choosing the best Mountaineering sunglasses

Before you purchase mountaineering sunglasses it is important to make sure that the product you are spending your money on provides you with the following features so that you get to choose the most suitable sunglasses for your requirements.


The most important factor to consider while buying the best mountaineering sunglasses is the lenses. You must carefully choose the type of lens that you want on your sunglasses. There are many different types of lenses available. If you want minimum protection against UV rays then you choose the category 1 lenses. The category 1 sunglasses are not a great choice if you want protection against UV rays and brightness, especially at high altitudes.

Another category is called category 2 sunglasses to provide 20 to 40% protection against UV rays at high altitudes so they become suitable for jogging in the afternoon. The category 3 sunglasses provide 80% protection against UV radiation which is why the majority of people use the sunglasses for normal hiking. The most widely used sunglasses are the category 4 sunglasses which provide great protection against glare and UV radiation.


Another important feature to check is the polarization of the lenses. The reason why you must choose a polarized lens is that it greatly helps reduce glares especially when you are at high altitudes. This is what provides increase protection to your eyes and makes it more fun for you to continue your hiking.

Tinted lens

There are different tinted lenses available each with its functions. These look very pleasing and attractive providing a stylish look to the user. One of the most common types is the mirror lens which makes the surroundings appear darker and are used for reflecting the glare. If you want to achieve the best color accuracy then you should use gray and green lenses. If you want to enjoy more depth into a vision then you should use brown lenses. The most ideal tinted lenses for high altitude are the black, purple, and blue ones.


Another important thing to check is the coverage. Make sure that the sunglasses you are purchasing helps keep your face covered.


It is very important to consider that mountaineering sunglasses are made up of high-quality and durable material. Most of these sunglasses are made up of plastic but the most popular choice is titanium because it is very lightweight and provides maximum durability to each user. This makes the sunglasses more flexible and scratch resistant. This is because the polycarbonate material is very strong and resistant to scratches providing great optical clarity and maximum vision. However, the most high-quality mountaineering sunglasses come in polyurethane which is a very expensive material and provides the most in-depth vision to the users.

UV Rays

There are three different types of UV rays which include UBC, UVA, and UVB rays. The most dangerous UV radiation is the UVA and UVB which mostly affect users at high altitudes. If you want to ensure maximum protection against UV radiation you must choose the sunglasses that come with a VLT rating between 5 to 10%.

Best Mountaineering Sunglasses To Buy

Following is a list of the best quality mountaineering sunglasses in 2021:

1. Julbo Eyewear Unisex Camino

mountain climbing sunglasses

One of the most widely sold mountaineering sunglasses is the Julbo Eyewear unisex Camino. These sunglasses come in a very attractive design that is raised by everyone. These are the most perfect choice for mature hikers. The frame is designed in such a way that it covers a large portion of the user’s face while providing the best fit. It provides great protection against UV radiation as the Spectron 4 lens is the most ideal.

It comes with a removable side shield that provides protection on the sides of the eyes. If you feel like there is too much sunlight outside while you are hiking you should put on these removable sunglasses.

It comes with non-polarized lenses which is the reason why the user won’t be able to wear these sunglasses for a long time especially when they’re like doing mountain climbing.

Another important reason why you should buy the sunglasses is that they are very affordable and usually it is hard to find affordable and premium quality mountaineering sunglasses for high altitude. This will help save your money and also provide you reliable performance for long-term purposes. Therefore it is highly recommended to get your hands on the Julbo Eyewear Unisex Camino.

Good Features

  • It provides a little protection against UV rays
  • Most of the users like wearing these sunglasses because they are also very stylish and attractive
  • These sunglasses are very affordable and most users can easily purchase them


  • These sunglasses come with non-polarized lenses which are not referred to by most the users


2. Julbo Explorer Mountain Sunglasses

mountaineering glasses

If you are looking for Mountaineering sunglasses that provide high-quality performance but also comes in an attractive design then you must use the jumbo explorer mountain sunglasses. They provide a very flexible frame and sit perfectly around Temple region since they are very easy to adjust. There are different color options available for these mountain sunglasses.

It comes with Spectron 4 lenses that have a VLT rating of 5% and consist of anti-flair coating. They provide a maximum range of vision because of the wide lens used in the sunglasses. It also comes with a removable side shield that provides increased protection against UV rays laterally.

That photochromatic lens provides fast activation and is one of the best polarized lenses. The sunglasses are a great choice among the majority of the customers which is the reason why you should also prefer buying these for mountain climbing especially when you plan to go to high altitude region.

Good Features

  • The sunglasses are easy to adjust and are very flexible
  • They are available in multiple colors and different frame
  • The lens comes with an anti-glare coating of 5%
  • The user gets to enjoy the maximum version because of the wide lens
  • It also comes with removable side shields providing extra protection against UV rays
  • These sunglasses come with a lifetime warranty


  • These mountain sunglasses are very expensive and not suitable for users with a limited budget
  • These are not oil repellent sunglasses


3. Retro Round Polarized S92 Steampunk Sunglasses

best mountaineering glasses

If you are looking for high-quality and affordable mountaineering sunglasses then your choice should be the retro round polarized S92  streampunk sunglasses. Not only that this is popular in the fashion company but also provides all the important features that contribute to ensuring high protection against UV rays if you are a regular hiker.

The sunglasses come with removable side shields that protect the eyes laterally from the sun rays but do not completely block the vision.

It comes with silicone nose pads that help keep the glasses in their place comfortably. The reason why these retro round polarized sunglasses are highly durable is that they consist of alloy metal hinges in the temple region of the glasses.

It comes with 9 layers HD polarization filter that removes 99% of the glare or any other optical distortion so that you will be able to enjoy a crystal clear vision. This is what makes this sunglass a great choice for use at high altitudes. It also comes with 400 UV rated coating which successfully blocks the UVC rays, UVB, and UVA rays completely.

Good Features

  • The sunglasses provide 100% protection against UVA, UVB, and UVC harmful rays
  • These sunglasses come with nine days is polarization filter that removed most of the Blair and optical distortion up to 99%
  • The design is very attractive and the sunglasses are available in multiple colors so that the user can easily purchase one in their favorite color
  • It helps reduce fingerprint marks because of oleophobic coating


  • These sunglasses are very expensive and not suitable for users who have a restricted budget
  • The sunglasses are not the most durable options that are available


4. Julbo Monterosa Mountain Sunglasses

high altitude sunglasses

The Julbo Monterrosa mountain sunglasses come in a very stylish design and are available at the most affordable price so that maximum users can easily purchase these reliable sunglasses. It provides complete protection against UVA, UVB, and UVB rays. The user can easily choose the lens they want but most of the users go for the photochromatic lenses with fast activation speed.

These sunglasses come with Petrone three polycarbonate lens that is the best choice for an extremely bright environment. It blocks 95% of the light so that you can easily continue mountain climbing without any hurdles. This high-quality sunglass comes with a removable side shield that provides lateral I protection against the sun rays.

You can easily remove them anytime you want. It provides a great grip, especially in the temporal region. Compared to most of the sunglasses these sunglasses are smaller in size but that doesn’t mean that it is less durable. The small size also means that it will be a lot easier for you to carry this around especially when they are always traveling. Therefore it is highly recommended by these professional quality sunglasses.

Good Features

  • It comes with the most perfect especially at the temporal region because of the curved temporal surface
  • These sunglasses come with a Petrone 3 polycarbonate lens that blocks 95% of the UV rays
  • It comes with removable side shields that protect the ice laterally and do not block the vision
  • The sunglasses come in the most stylish design that also provides the best fit especially for women


  • The sunglasses consist of a plastic frame which is less durable and less preferred by the user
  • These sunglasses do not come in a wide range of colors options which limits the choices for the users


Final words

Many different factors are essential for buying the best mountaineering sunglasses. But there are many users who do not have enough time to do proper research before making any type of purchase which is the reason why it is highly recommended to read this article so that you will be able to get enough information to purchase the best mountaineering sunglasses that will fulfill your requirements as well. All our readers have successfully been able to purchase the best sunglasses for themselves that suits their budget as well and keeping all of that in mind it will surely help you too.

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