Best Rain Jackets to buy in 2022

Rain jackets are finally getting the attention they deserved. There are lots of options available in the market and we are not entirely sure about the number of quality products in this category. 

Through a lot of research and testing, our staff has identified a number of products with their advantages and disadvantages clearly mentioned in this article. We have also tried to add different rain jackets with different price tags because everyone’s budget is not the same. 

There are some options that will help you a lot during heavy rainfalls or even snowfall. These products have been tested differently by garden hoses and showers. 

People have also tried hiking and skiing wearing these jackets and results have been satisfactory. It is pertinent to mention that we are only suggesting these rain jackets upon our honest and unbiased recommendations.

Also, it is important to mention that most of these models are also available in both men’s and women’s versions and we are not claiming that the performance of the two different versions is going to be the same. This article will keep a close look at some of the best rain jackets available to buy in 2022. Without wasting any time, let’s get into the details of these products.

Top 10 Best Rain Jackets to buy in 2022

Arc’teryx Zeta SL

Price: $299

Alright then, we are going to start our list with one and only Arc’teryx Zeta SL. This rain jacket is perhaps the best choice for a plethora of activities like backpacking, mountaineering or just walking through the market on a rainy day. 

As far as our understanding is concerned, the across-the-board performance of this jacket is extraordinary. The breathability is top-tier and it gives you a fantastic performance in almost every aspect. The weight is quite comfortable and normal and the overall design is not bad at all. 

Even during the worst weather conditions, this rain jacket will give you a sound performance. This jacket provides very little or no stretch. In our opinion, stretchy jackets are very comfortable and can deliver the best performance. 

However, we haven’t seen a lot of problems with this one as it gives you a splendid articulation. It has passed all the mobility tests comfortably. It comes with a main front zipper to get rid of heat and the overall versatility and performance is also magnificent.


  • Outstanding design
  • Breathability is great
  • Performs in worst conditions
  • DWR is long-lasting


  • Expensive
  • No stretching

North Face Flight Lightriser FUTURELIGHT

Price: $300

Another quite productive option is the North Face Flight Lightriser FUTURELIGHT. It’s an extremely light product and is specially designed for chaps that are not wearing their jacket all the time and are looking to carry it anywhere. 

It will give you an adequate storm protection and will also completely stove away into its reversible chest pocket. It will pack down to an extent where you can easily put it into your pocket. The stretchy material and athletic cut make it even more interesting. 

It gives you a nice freedom of movement and the air-permeable design is also quite breathable. This product is not all-around versatile but its minimal weight and respectable storm protection is enough to place its case. 

There are other options as well that will give you a better storm protection in the same price. We have to admit that this is one of our least durable products reviewed in this article so far. The fabric and zippers are quite thin and demands a lot of care. It is a good option for a quick walk in the rain.


  • Lightweight 
  • Upon folding, fits in your pocket
  • Decent storm protection


  • Mesh stuff pocket
  • Wets out slightly faster

REI Co-op XeroDry GTX

Price: $159

Another extremely valid product to consider in 2022 is the REI Co-Op XeroDry GTX. It is an extremely well-designed jacket with Gore-Tex and comes with an affordable price range. We are certain that there are very less choices in this category at this price range. 

You won’t be able to find a better piece and it also outperforms some of its competitors in a few aspects. The weather-protection is above average and breathability is nice and clam as well. It does wet out a little faster than the others because of its stickier interior. However, these things do not bring a lot of changes and are avoidable.


  • Affordable
  • Comfortable
  • Above-average weather protection


  • Wets out a little faster 
  • Clammier interior 

Rab Kinetic 2.0

Price: $229

There are some rain jackets in the market that are offering a new wave of stretchy air-permeable models and Rab Kinetic 2.0 is certainly one of them. The comfort and freedom of movement in this jacket is commendable. 

It also maintains a nice breathability and the storm protection is quite respectable as well. It is important to note that the level of breathability is not affected by temperature or external environmental conditions. 

It will stay the same way in warmer conditions as well. It will also wet-out a little faster than others but it does come with air-permeable models. You can use it for a few hours of wet hiking or ice climbing. It is not advisable to be worn inside a camp throughout the night.


  • Great storm protection
  • Versatile
  • Breathable
  • Stretchy fabric


  • Pockets with pack on 
  • Weight is ordinary

REI Co-op Stormbolt GTX

Price: $279

If you are an outdoor enthusiast, you must consider the REI Co-op Stormbolt GTX. It is an outdoor centric jacket and gives you a really nice version of outdoor weather protection and breathability. It comes with pack-friendly handwarmer pockets and a helmet-compatible hood. 

The pit zips are quite large and there is a layering-friendly cut as well. This rain jacket is specifically designed for people that do not want to stay inside irrespective of the conditions outside. It is a heavy rain jacket made to be worn in crucial conditions and the storm protection is extremely admirable.


  • Designed for outdoor enthusiasts 
  • Layering-friendly cut
  • Great storm protection


  • Average mobility

Outdoor Research Microgravity 

Price: $248.95

Another magnificent air-permeable model that comes with a heavy weather protection and durability is the Outdoor Research Microgravity rain jacket. The breathability is above-average and it offers you a great storm protection. 

You won’t get any clammy feelings and it packs tightly into reversible stuff pocket. The hood is also helmet compatible and the overall package is less crinkly. 

We’d definitely recommend this product to all the users that are looking for high versatility. It features a thick face fabric with a 3L construction and its extra thickness will also make it a little stretchy. It weighs around 14.5 ounces, which is a bit higher than the average rain jackets.

However, the increased weight will give you a lot of durability and comfort during harsh weather conditions. 


  • Brilliant storm protection
  • Breathability is great
  • Gets packed easily in reversible stuff pocket


  • Freedom of movement is ordinary
  • Less stretchy

Patagonia Storm10

Price: $299

The Patagonia Storm10 is another excellent option for weight-conscious backpackers. People that are looking for long-range trips should really consider this product because of its versatility and a plethora of outdoor activities.  

The Patagonia Storm10 is a lightweight, compact rain jacket that comes with a solid weather protection and an excellent DWR. 

The hood is also helmet compatible and it also offers waist-belt friendly pockets. It is undoubtedly one of the lightest products on the market with excellent storm protection ability and breathability.


  • Good water resistance
  • Lightweight
  • Compact
  • Solid weather protection


  • Average breathability
  • Durability is ordinary

Marmot PreCip Eco

Price: $100

The Marmot PreCip Eco is another great option that comes with an above-average breathability and its price tag is not heavy either. The breathability is definitely better than some of the expensive models. 

The ventilation is quite decent and it boasts a roll away hood with nice pit zips. It has been doing rounds since the past two decades and it is light enough to be taken on climbing trips as a backpack. 

There are large hand pockets that are going to hold keys and other important accessories. It is an excellent option for a rain jacket in 2022 and we’d definitely recommend it to all of our readers here.


  • Better breathability
  • Roll away hood
  • Affordable
  • Nice pit zips


  • There are no chest pockets

Columbia Watertight II

Price: $64.98

The Columbia Watertight II is an extremely affordable and a simple entry-level rain jacket. It is also one of our favorite budget-oriented models on the market currently. It is a sharp jacket that gives you a good mobility and will keep you dry for a longer period. 

This product is specifically designed for budget-oriented buyers that are looking to wear it for small mountain trips and drizzly mornings. It will perform better in breezy conditions and the whole jacket is light enough for longer hikes and backpacking trips.


  • Affordable
  • Comfortable
  • Suitable for cool and breezy weather


  • Limited hood adjustment 
  • A bit bulkier

North Face Dryzzle Futurelight

Price: $175

The last product that we are going to discuss in this list is the North Face Dryzzle FutureLight that is a versatile three-layer jacket that uses TNF’s new FutureLight air-permeable fabric. 

There is a nice balance of weight and toughness and it is considered light enough by many backpackers and hikers for an emergency layer. Customers that are looking for rigged rain jackets will also like this particular product. Also, it does not require heat build up inside for it to maximize its breathability.

Furthermore, it also keeps an even level of moisture movement, even if you are just standing around. It is one of the best options as far as air-permeable fabrics are concerned and we’d unquestionably recommend it. 


  • Good breathability
  • Comfortable internal fabric
  • Stretchy material


  • No hood-compatible helmet
  • A bit expensive

Conclusion: Best Rain Jackets

We have discussed the most powerful and flagship rain jackets available in the market currently in this list. All of them are coming with different features and price tags. You can choose your favorite rain jacket according to your budget and requirements. 

That’s it from our side. Write it down in the comments below if you have any queries. We shall try and answer them as soon as possible. See you soon in our next analytical piece. Until then, goodbye and good luck with whatever you choose. 

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