Best Shark vacuum cleaners to buy in 2022 – Top 5

A lot of people think that Shark vacuums are by far the best vacuum cleaners on the planet at the moment. Other brands are also quite active in this category and might come at a relatively lower price as well, compared to the Sharks. 

However, there is no doubt that most of these brands will fail to give you a well-built and affordable cleaner. As far as the vacuum cleaners of Shark are concerned, there are many reasons to like and choose them as they offer a wide range of corded, cordless, upright, cylinder and handheld vacuum cleaners. 

As you all know, there are different brands in the market that are offering different cleaning services through their vacuum cleaners. But today, we’re only going to talk about Shark vacuum cleaners. Hold on to your seats as we take you on another journey today.

The situation is quite clear in front of us as there are many outlets of Shark that are offering discount codes as well. Therefore, you need to make sure that you are buying your product from a genuine platform and are not wasting your time and energy in search of a discount.

Top Best Shark vacuum cleaners to buy in 2022 

Shark NZ850UK

Price: £249.99

There are many top brands offering their services in the United Kingdom (UK) and the United States of America (USA), however; Shark NZ850UK is considered one hell of a vacuum cleaner that offers powered lift-away and duo-clean technology. 

The duo-clean head makes it a perfect choice for hard surfaces, floors and carpets etc. This product is so powerful that it even gets under sofas, beds and chairs as well. There is a small tube that bends once you release the clasp. 

If there are any areas in your room or home that are considered hard to reach then this NZ850UK will help you get there with ease. The Powered Lift Away feature should be making it an ideal choice for cleaning stairs, drapes and places alike. 

The cylinder form of this product looks a bit heavier and chunky, however; the overall performance of this device seems excellent and powerful. With 800W power output and 1.3 litres bin-size, this magnificent product cleans like a beast. The overall design is not so beautiful but this product is surely known for its longevity and quality.


  • Very fast cleaning 
  • Handy tubes


  • The design is not aesthetically beautiful

Shark IZ201UK

Price: £196.71

This company has made vacuum cleaners for almost all budgets and requirements. The IZ201UK is certainly one of them as it allows you to use the duo-clean head and flexology bendy tube with ease and clean your curtains, floors and carpets etc. 

This is a cordless vacuum cleaner and the battery timing could have been improved. In eco mode, this vacuum cleaner is expected to last around 40 minutes with duster or crevice heads only. On full power, you can add 5-10 minutes more with the duo-clean.

You can use this amazing device in your flat, room or smaller houses. This is a fantastic choice for all the people that are fond of cleaning their places every day. There are various bundles offered by Shark with some extra batteries as well. You need to grab them if you feel the need to.

It weighs around 4.1 kg and the bin size is 0.7 litres with a maximum run time of 5-40 minutes. It is an excellent cleaner and can be moved from one place to another with ease. By cordless standards, it is quite heavier and this can be one of the major setbacks for people that are looking to buy a lighter vacuum cleaner.


  • Subtle cleaning
  • Good battery timing
  • Suitable for small flats & apartments


  • A bit heavier than expectations

Shark NZ801UKT

Price: £310

The next best vacuum cleaner that we are going to discuss in this list is the Shark NZ801UKT. It is a slightly less powerful cleaner compared to its sibling NZ350UK. It comes with a 750W of power and weighs around 6.5 kg. 

The bin size of this machine is 0.83 litres and it is also regarded as one of the affordable vacuum cleaners on the market. If we talk about its intricate details then we come to understand that it offers the same duo-clean head along with bendy flexology tube and a huge successful anti hair wrap technology. 

You cannot compare its power to the above-mentioned machines because it cannot reach the same power as them. It is basically made for hard floors and small places. The overall difference is not huge and it is easily manageable as well. 

It is a great cleaner and we’d definitely recommend it to all the families that are looking to buy a new vacuum cleaner with decent price and equally good cleaning method.


  • 750W power
  • Affordable
  • Duo-clean head
  • Flexology tube


  • A bit less powerful 

Shark Wandvac 2-in-1 WV362UKT

One of Shark’s really attractive vacuum cleaners is this Wandvac 2-in-1 WV362UKT that comes across as a lightweight machine and does not cover a lot of space in your apartment. Furthermore, it is coming with Shark’s patented anti hair-wrap cleaning heads along with a dusting brush and a small powered tool as well. 

The battery life is close to 17 minutes and if you’re using one of the motorized heads an in the boost mode, you can only use it for 6-8 minutes then. There are two batteries in the entire package and we believe that it is one of the most impressive vacuum cleaners on the market. 

You can also opt for a relatively affordable WV361UK that comes with just a single battery. As far as little loopholes of this device are concerned, you’d notice a bit of shrill noise. 

However, the overall qualities and performance of this vacuum should be enough for you to ignore its small shortcomings. Also, it has got a small handy docking station that adds more value to its overall performance.


  • Lightweight
  • Shark’s patented anti hair-wrap cleaning head
  • Dusting brush
  • Good battery life


  • A bit noisy 

Shark CZ500UKT

Price: £219.89

The last product that we are going to discuss in this list is typically a cylinder vacuum cleaner from Shark. It was released as recently as last year and there are at least three options of cylinder vacuum cleaners to choose from including this one. 

The only reviews of this machine are quite satisfactory and its performance also seem quite impressive. You’d get the duo-clean technology to clean your floors and carpets effectively. 

The Flexology is also there and you’d also get an Anti-Hair wrap that will stop hairs from getting tucked around the cleaning brush. Also, you’d receive a nice glowing headlamp that would allow you to see the dirty places and places that needs cleaning. We have heard a lot of positive reviews about the Shark CZ500UKT and we believe that there is a lot of interest among people that are looking to buy new cylinder vacuum cleaners.


  • Cleaning power is immense 
  • Shark’s cleaning innovations 
  • 800W power


  • Not easily movable

Conclusion: Best Shark vacuum cleaners to buy in 2022

Vacuum cleaners are in high demand these days. Gone are the days when people use to clean their whole flat/apartment with bare hands. People are into technology and women in particular are fond of doing their household shores with the help of a bit of technology. 

Therefore, vacuum cleaners have gained massive popularity over the past couple of years and people are now trying different brands in order to clean their houses. In our today’s analytical piece, we have reviewed five of the best vacuum cleaners produced by Shark and we’re hopeful that a lot of customers would get one of their favorite pieces from this list. 

Some of them are heavier while others can be mobilized easily. The performance level is different in each and every product and the price tags are also different. We strongly feel that people should check out this article if they are sincerely looking for a Shark vacuum cleaner. 

That’s it for today. We shall see you soon in our next piece. Write it down in the comments below if you have any queries. We shall try and answer them as soon as possible. Until next time, goodbye and good luck with whatever you choose. 

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