Fjällräven has one of the Best Collection for Passionate Cyclists

Going around on bike trips around the city with your friends and colleagues is perhaps a great way of refreshing yourself. Some people carry their bikes to picnic spots and relevant accessories are also taken along. However, there is a range of bike accessories and apparel that are specifically designed to help you explore the city on your bike.

Fjällräven is perhaps the best specialized cycling collection around

Fjällräven is basically a Swedish brand and it has teamed up with a high-end bike company to launch a complete collection of bike accessories. This company is basically known for its affordable and high-quality backpacks. The styling of these backpacks is quite hipster-friendly and the whole collection is perhaps a reflection of it. The whole idea behind this joint-venture is to raise awareness regarding the use proper traveling backpacks.

There is absolutely no need of buying truckloads of equipment and then planning for six months. Instead of that, you need to invest in a specialized kit that solves all of your traveling problems at once. The first design is made for small-scale activities, however; the panniers are quite effective and simple. There are cycling bags and totes that are specifically designed to fit right into them. The apparel is also adjusted in such a way that it looks pretty bike friendly. The gear is very simple and not specialized at all and it can become your perfect companion while your travel towards the countryside.


This is the first part of the deal and the only design details that have been released as of now. While we enjoyed examining this first arrival, we’re also extremely intrigued to understand have a look at the upcoming array of products.

For sure, the upcoming products will have a lasting effect as they’d most probably target the people that are looking for some serious and longer rides. Multi-day cycling trips are also quite fun and these new products will definitely target these people.

Fjällräven Bacpack Product List:


Fjällräven Product Details:

The first drop products are coming with a S/F Räven Anorak that takes the classic Fjällräven’s jacket and turns it into a specialized trusted on-bike fit.

The Waxed G-1000 Lite will take care of the wind and rain out. In order to move easily, it has four-way stretch panels and there is a reflective detailing as well as to ensure your visibility to the traffic. There is a storage solution as well as it comes with a Cool Cave which is bright, basic and bucket-like pannier. This is designed in such a way that it gets attached to your bike easily. You can use it separately but, if possible, make sure that you pair it with one of the three bags that completes the rest of the product drop.

There is a Cool Cave Lid pack that slots into the pannier and it helps in protecting your belongings from the elements. There are a few adjustable straps as well that lets you hideaway extra kit underneath. You can also remove it and wear as a cross-body or hip bag when you’re not riding your cycle. The Cave Pack is an incredible rucksack and it is a completely padded laptop compartment and the top-pocked is an easy-access. You can wear it on your back or stashed in a panier.

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