How Much Does Firewood Cost? [4 Best Tips]

How much does Firewood cost at home depot

How much does firewood cost?

The cord of wood prices is hard to claim because there are many prices floating in the market currently. Also, these prices can go up and come down as per demands and requirements. As of now, the average price of a wood cord is around $300. Some people also claimed to have paid between $120 and $600 and there is a high chance of it touching $900. 

The prices of firewood also depend largely on the quality of wood and how technically it has been cut. Dry wood will definitely cost you more and seasoned wood will also require you to pay a couple of hefty bucks.

 It is extremely important to know that the prices of firewood are expected to be doubled during winters. The solution to this problem is that you can try and buy firewood in late summer or in early fall. In order to keep your firewood stacked, be prepared to pay around $50 extra.

According to a couple of stakeholders in the United States (US), the prices of firewood are expected to range between $150 and $580 per cord. For people that don’t know a cord is, it is a pile of wood stacked four feet by eight feet by four feet for a volume of around 128 cubic feet. If you’re planning to have this kind of heating system at home, the cost to mount a fireplace or wooden heater ranges from $870 to $3800.
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Where to get cheap wood?

First of all, you need to understand that there are very few ways to get cheap wood during winters. The demand is pretty high because tourists need them for bonfires and other stuff. 

Therefore, we’d like to mention a couple of ways that would get your some really cheap wood. Firstly, you can buy less expensive types of wood at a traditional home improvement or lumber store. Secondly, you can get wood from non-traditional sources for cheap or even free of cost.

A few people also recommend using the furring strips because they’re very inexpensive pine planks and they also tend to feel quite rough. They also come with rounded edges and are pretty warped. 

Also, it is recommend that you use them inside the walls as they won’t ever be seen and that is why they’re quite rough. You can find these furring strips in 1″x2″, 1″x4″, and 2″x2″ sizes and it will cost you a couple of dollars for just 8-inch boards.

Where to get cheap firewood?

Finding the best cheap firewood isn’t as difficult as it used to be. Today, we’re globally connected with each other through the internet and there are high-chances that you’ve come to this platform searching for best cheap firewood. 

However, we’d like to tell you that websites like Craigslist or other online classifieds like Facebook Marketplace are also offering a great place to find local firewood and that too at a very affordable price. Before paying the money, it is important for you to check the quantity and quality as well of the firewood.

There are other ways of acquiring cheap firewood such as purchasing permits to cut on public land. People that don’t mind cutting their own wood and making an effort can go for trees of deadfalls to cut off.

If we speak generally, a $20 bill should be more than enough to get you firewood that will last an entire winter. Also, it is quite important to understand the rules and regulations of cutting on every land before doing it. 

This method is very useful for many but there is a hefty amount of effort that goes in doing it. The authorities mostly allow you to cut ‘downed trees’ or the ones that are standing dead. In this way, you will have to spend a lot of time driving around. 

Local sawmills are also a great source of finding the best cheap firewood and if you’ve some of them around you, you are definitely extremely lucky. Most of our readers would know that sawmills or pallet factories have leftover slab wood or tailings that make great firewood, however; you wouldn’t see any sawmill or pallet factory advertising firewood for sale.

Best place to buy firewood:

If we talk about the best places to get firewood then there are a couple of choices to choose from. Firstly, you need to check construction sites because they use ample amount of wood for various purposes and they can surely help you get some firewood. 

where to buy firewood

Construction companies use wood extensively and they also generate scrap wood during different projects. You can also collect firewood from structures that they tear apart and get lots of wood from trees that are cleared for their projects. 

If you look deeply, construction companies are basically rolling in wood that they won’t bring to any use. There is no harm in collecting any firewood from them because they wouldn’t want to waste it and you would get what you want.

How much firewood do I need?

If you’re asking how much firewood you would need then we can say that you’d need around 4 to 6 bundles (20-30 logs) of firewood for 6 hours of campfire. If you need the firewood for cooking then 5 to 7 bundles with 25-35 logs are going to be an ideal combination for you.

Generally, you’re not going to need anything over 2 or 5 bundles of firewood per day. However, if you’re planning to have more fire going for more than just a few hours through the night, then you’d certainly need a lot more. 

Fire roaring at the night is one of the most enjoyable feelings for any tourist or young hiker. You are going to need enough wood to keep you warm through the night. In short, we believe that most campers or tourists are going to need between two and five bundles of firewood for each night.


Finding the best and most cheap firewood is now much easier than your expectations. If you don’t want to make a physical effort and cut them down, you can also get them online on various platforms. We truly hope that this article will help you find the best possible deals as far as cheap firewood is concerned. 

We have talked about different aspects of the game in this article such as finding the best firewood in winters and checking the quantity and quality of firewood before a particular function. 

A few words are also written about the best places that offer firewood at decent rates and we’re more than happy that most of our readers are quite intelligent and understanding. Therefore, we are not expecting any major questions, however; write them down in the comments below if you have any. We shall see you soon in our next analytical piece. Until then, goodbye and good luck with your bonfires and fire camping. 


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