How to Hang a Hammock with Posts [Complete Guides]

How to Hang a Hammock with Posts

How to Hang a Hammock with Posts – Complete Guides

   We’re back again with another hammock hanging guide. As you all know, hanging a hammock is an integral part of any touring party when they plan to go towards the mountains. Both hammocks camping and hanging are two different types of relaxations and both are extremely popular in trips. 

We’ve also seen people hanging their hammocks in their large lush green lawns to relax a bit in the evening. There are many viable ways of hanging a hammock and today we’re going to explore ways of hanging a hammock with posts. 

There are no specialized skills required to get things done and through this guide, we’re going to help you find practical ways of hanging a hammock with posts. Without wasting any of your precious time, let’s take a look at the ways of hanging a hammock properly with posts.

Digging a post hole:

how to hang a hammock between two posts

While you don’t need specialized skills, you certainly need some equipment to hang a hammock with posts. First of all, you need to dig a post hole using a post-hole digger or shovel. There is a possibility of using both as well. You must notice that the hole should be at least 24 inches deep and should be twice the width of the post. 

It also depends on the mud of the ground. If it is sandy and unreliable, you should go for at least 30 inches deep hole. In order to steadily maintain the post, you need to have a solid base for your post therefore; filling the bottom with pea gravel for at least 6-inches would be ideal. If the ground isn’t sandy or unreliable then you can skip the gravel idea. 

The ideal distance between the two posts according to experts should be 14 feet as it mostly works for all sorts of hammocks. There’s always a chance of looking out for a tree instead of digging another pole. If you have a tree in front of your post, you don’t need to dig another hole.

Stand the post:

Another very reliable but a little laborious way of hanging a hammock with posts is to drill a hole near of the ends of the posts and screw your desired hammock hook. The process gets repeated for the second post as well. 

As far as standing the post is concerned, you need to stand one of the posts (with its hook pointed upwards) in the middle of the post hole and design its position correctly and vertically straight enough.

There is no gain if the hook is not facing the desired direction for hanging the hammock. You need to have around 8 feet long hammock post and get some concrete and splash around it, make it wet and set it nicely to remain stronger. The process is repeated for the second post as well.

Hanging your hammock:

hammock post ideas

After you’ve set up your poles, you can make use of the hooks and straps to hang your hammock. It also matters on the quick deployment to set up your hammock in less than 10 minutes. It is highly advisable to use high-quality straps because they aren’t too expensive and doesn’t break your break either.

Removable posts:

Technology has certainly reached a whole new level and so is the hardware industry. Hammock hanging is becoming quite normal among common people as they’re now coming at a much cheaper price and are easy to set up than before. 

For those looking to just hang a hammock in their backyard, they don’t need random posts because the option of removable posts is now very much intact. The making of a removable post is fairly cheap and if you already have a post-hole digger, you’d save yourself quite a few bucks. 

All you have to do is to have a post-hole digger, pea gravel and a clear 5-foot section of PVC 4-inch pipe with 2×8 foot long round posts (4-inch). 

You’d also need to have QUIKRETE cement because they set up fast and casts its magic quickly. There is absolutely no need to mix it with water first. You only need to pour it in the hole and then spray a bit of water and leave the rest as it is.

You also need to dig two post holes of about 14 feet apart from each other. You can also choose the distance according to your own understanding and requirement. However, they should be at least 35-inches deeper because you always going to need a solid base in the hole. Dumping 5 to 6 inches of pea gravel in the bottom would be a great idea. 

Here, you need to cut down the PVC pipe in half and set it down in the hole and try to center it in the hole. You need to keep one thing in mind clearly. You must align the upper portion of the PVC pipe with the ground of a little higher because you can’t raise it after the concrete is set. 

After all this, you need to cover the pipe with a cap or something else and then pour the QUIKRETE cement around it. The next step is to take your hose, wet it down completely and set it up nicely. At the end, stand one of the poles with the help of the PVC pipe and the process is repeated for the second hole as well. You can set up your hammock once the two poles are ready and you can enjoy relaxing in it without any problems. These two posts are quickly detachable because you can simply pop them out of the ground and then cover the PVC pipe.


There is one thing that really needs to be taken into account when setting up a hammock with posts. You must always make sure that you hammock is long enough to be comfortable. A long hammock is always comfortable for most of the people and helps you relax to every bit. Almost all the experts of hammocks are opting and advising for 11 feet long hammocks because they’re more than comfortable for a 6-feet tall person. 

The ideal length is 11 feet because if it is a little longer than that, you will have to find spaces and there would be distance to cover between the trees. In short, it will only stretch your problems when you think of hanging a hammock with posts.


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