How To Hang A Hammock Without Tree

Hanging a hammock without a tree may sound like a very difficult task. However, there are new ways invented by different campers around the globe that can help you hang a hammock without a tree. 

How to hang a hammock without tree

There is no doubt that hanging a hammock with a tree sometimes becomes extremely challenging. Also, hammock hanging with a tree needs a lot of expert handling and planning. 

If you are someone that likes to go out with friends and spend nights in the mountains inside warm tents then, you must know about different ways about How to hang a hammock without tree. 

This piece of article is specifically dedicated to all the tourists and people that are expected to hang a hammock even without trees on their trips. People that are traveling most of the time will benefit from this little informative article as we discuss hammock setup without trees. 

To make it easier for you, we’ve specified our steps of hanging a hammock without tree. Let’s check out 6 different ways of how to put up a hammock without trees.

Ways To Hanging A Hammock Without Tree

1- Portable stands

How to hang a hammock without tree

Hammock stand can simply outperform camps because most of the people like to relax in the air floating around instead of sitting inside a small tent.

If you want to make your trip memorable, you can consider bringing a hammock stand. There are a couple of varieties as far as hammock frames are concerned. 

You’ve got a portable Ultralight backpacking stands and permanent racks in the backyard. The build quality of these stands is usually satisfactory as some of them are made from metal or wood. 

These stands are specifically designed to hold your hammock tightly wherever you feel like setting it up. The two long and supporting rails of the hammock frames are mostly placed parallel to the ground. 

The ends of the frame rails will bend upwards and they will stop at a certain height that seems suitable to hang a hammock. In order to secure the hammock perfectly, you’d get rings, bolts, pulleys, hooks or more such devices that are great for hammock setup without trees.

2- Hammock with Posts and Poles:

How to hang a hammock without tree

One of the main and understood ways of hanging a hammock without trees is to take help from posts and poles. When we talk about posts and poles, it includes fence posts, porch ports, telephone poles that will definitely enable your hammock to be hung over the wide areas.

To make things easier for campers and tourists, the state parks are adding hammocks posts and we can expect people to learn about this very soon in the future. 

You must keep in mind that a post that you’ve selected should bear your entire body weight and should be strong enough to withstand every single gram. Also, you should only look for posts that have no railings in between and they must be diagonally separated posts.

3- Concrete fence posts:

How to hang a hammock without tree

Another fantastic way to hang a hammock with tree is to simulate the trees by adding 4-inch-by-4-inch concrete fence posts. The posts should be tall enough to keep the hammock above the ground. 

Also, the posts should be at least a couple of feet further apart than the length of the hammock. For most hammock posts around the globe, 18-feet apart are considered a reasonably safer universal spacing.

Whatever length you want, you need to crop your posts into half the length you want. You’d find the excess on the ground and a layer of gravel at the bottom and concrete all-around the posts, similar to making a fence. 

The next step is to dig 12-inch wide holes and add about 3 inches of gravel. A good portion of people also add a few inches of gravel to the bottom of the hole so that it can assist in draining the water away.

It is always quite necessary to use premixed concrete on the fence posts and follow the instructions of the producers. After you’re done with the posts set up and the concrete is solidified, you can tie the hammock and set it according to your favored height.

4- Building Structures:

How to hang a hammock without tree

When we talk about hammock setup without trees, there is another decent way of doing it with the help of building structures. Hammocking can also be tried from an outdoor structure such as a pavilion, a rain shelter or a side of a concrete building. 

You’d see such buildings in parks, state parks and in public areas as well. The basic idea is to tie one end of the hammock to the building and place a strong post at the other end to achieve equal support. 

You’d need strong hooks and eye screws to tie the cords and managing the balance at both sides of the hammock is a crucial thing to consider. 

5- Vehicles & trucks:

How to hang a hammock without tree

Another extremely unexplored way of hanging a hammock without tree is to do it with the help of your car or truck. A lot of people take their vehicles to car camping and with the help of a single strong tree, you can definitely hang a hammock and enjoy a peaceful nap. 

One end of the hammock can be tied to a solid place in the chassis of the car and the other one can be tied to a tree or a nearby post.

It is extremely crucial to find a suitable position that doesn’t tear the chassis or bends your position. A medium-sized truck is an ideal choice because it acts as a strong anchor point.

6- Hammock Structures:

When we talk about hammock camping without trees, the use of hammock structures is another viable option to hang a hammock without a tree. There are a few countries that are making the Nidostructures. 

One of the most appealing points of these structures made in Texas and Austin is that they enable you to hammock with others without feeling the need of spreading out too much. 

You’d find such structures in most of the public areas, universities and all over the famous cities throughout the world. Hammock setup without trees hasn’t been easier in the past in our humble opinion. 


There is no doubt about the fact that hanging a hammock without a tree is a fantastic and exciting experience for all the tourists and campers in particular. The above discussed six ways can help you set up a hammock without a tree. 

These ways of setting up a hammock without a tree have been introduced by highly trained professionals and we’d definitely recommend you to try out these simple steps and learn how to set up a hammock without trees.

Write it down in the comments below if you’ve any queries. We shall try and answer them truly. See you soon in our next informative guide. Until then, good bye and good luck. 

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