5 Best Ways For How to Keep Food Cold While Camping

How to Keep Food Cold While Camping

How to keep food cold while camping

Trips, vacations and outdoor picnic events are completely boring with great food. Most of you would agree that great food makes your trip more enjoyable and some people tend to eat more during trips, then they do at home. 

If you are one of these people then you must learn a few tricks regarding keeping your food cold while camping. Of late, we’ve been covering a lot of different topics regarding hiking, camping and different types of trips. Today, we take the pleasure of enlightening you through the most effective ways of keeping your good cold while camping.

If you need to know that How to Keep Food Cold While Camping then you need to do a few quick things. First of all, you need to pre-freeze your items beforehand inside your cooler. Traveling with frozen food can be a bit tricky and this is where we come to your rescue.

In order to keep food cold in card, you will have to freeze your food first and then begin your journey. Keep your food as cold as possible because it’s going to help you a lot. Meat, vegetables, beans, you can deep-freeze almost everything. 

Top 5 Best ways to keep food cold while camping

Since all of the above-mentioned activities are quite interlinked, we need you to know that traveling and keeping food cold in car is equally important as doing the same while camping. Therefore, we present before you the top 5 best ways to keep food cold while camping.

1. Cadillac of Coolers

You are going to need some high-quality coolers in order to keep food cold in car. Traveling with frozen food means you’d require the services of Yeti Cadillac of Coolers. There is this option of Yeti Tundra 65 Cooler and it is basically a certified bear-resistant with 3-inch thick insulated walls that keeps your food ice frozen. 

You’d get this cooler for around $350 and if you need another affordable option, you can go for the budget-friendly Coleman X-Treme cooler that costs you only around $50. It offers a 70-quart capacity and the insulated walls will keep things cold for at least five days in 90°F temperatures.

2. Freeze Packs:

If you don’t want to get into the mess of melted ice cubes, you need to start using ice packs for a good reason. These large cooler freeze packs come with non-hazardous materials and you can keep your food cold for at least 48 hours. $24 is the basic price for three freeze packs and you can find some other options as well. The whole idea of keeping food frozen while traveling is as good as you can imagine. Besides keeping your food ready during camping, it is also necessary to keep it cold in your car. Traveling with frozen food is not an issue anymore with these freeze packs.

3. Portable Car Fridge:

As we said before, keeping your food cold in car is as important as you do while camping. A portable car fridge is a new and healthy innovation and these car fridges are coming at different prices. We have seen this fridge that runs on 12/24 DC or 110V AC power and it also offers the USB cable to charge your phone. 

You can keep your frozen items cold for more than 10 hours inside this car fridge. This is another valuable reason as to why you’re going to need a portable car fridge. 

If you are going on a long trip that requires you to drive continuously for more than 4-5 hours, then keeping a portable fridge inside your car will help a lot. The fried chicken and chips made by your wife won’t be wasted if they’re kept cold inside your portable car fridge. 

4. Drinks cooler:

There is no doubt about the fact that drinks are used more compared to food while traveling and camping. Therefore, the coolers that carry drinks are likely to get warmer quickly compared to the ones that are not accessed frequently. 

For this reason, we highly recommend keeping a separate cooler for drinks. In this way, you won’t be worrying about the spoiled food because everything turns up nicely and separately. 

If you have AC turned on in your car then keeping drinks openly won’t affect its chillness in our opinion. However, we still recommend you to keep a separate cooler for drinks because it can get really nasty and you might up spoiling your food if you put them both together in one cooler. 

5. Frozen water bottles:

Another extremely important way to keep your food frozen while traveling is to grab a couple of frozen water bottles along. Firstly, you don’t need a block of ice melting quickly and contaminating your food. So, we advise you to take several frozen water bottles before you embark on your journey. 

This will keep your food chilled and you’d also get plenty of water to drink once the ice melts. Also, don’t forget to keep your cooler in the shade. Save it from all the sunshine and heat out there if you want its coldness to last long. This is a very simple rule, however; most of the experienced campers tend to forget it sometimes. You always need to keep your cooler in the shade, whenever possible.


We have discussed quite a few effective methods to keep your food frozen while traveling. This guide also sheds a good amount of light on ways to keep food cold in car and how you can make traveling with frozen food easier. We hope that this informative guide will play an important role in your next trip

Make sure you follow these guidelines and enjoy your camping to the fullest. We are signing off for today. See you soon in our next analytical piece. Write it down in the comments below if you have any queries. We shall try and answer them accordingly. Until next time, goodbye and good luck with your trips.

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