How to Keep Your Car Warm Overnight

Alright then, we’re back again with an insightful piece on how to keep your car warm overnight. Basically, there are many benefits of keeping your car warm overnight. 

How to Keep Your Car Warm Overnight


It is because, in winters it gets disgustingly cold at nights and your car can easily absorb all the moisture in the air. It is pretty obvious that chilled weather won’t allow you to take a leave from your work on a daily basis. 

Therefore, it becomes really important to keep your vehicle ready in the morning in order to avoid any sort of inconvenience. In today’s analytical piece, we’re going to shed light on some of the most relatively straightforward and easy ways of keeping your car warm overnight. 

5 Ways Of Keeping Your Car Warm Overnight

1- Parking in heated environment:

How to Keep Your Car Warm Overnight

The first and most convenient way of how to keep your car warm in winters is to make sure that you park your car in a heated garage or place. The winds will absolutely make things worse for you if the car is parked outside and unshielded. 

The temperatures get really cold and parking your car outside a heated garage can make things worse. A heated garage is pretty necessary for a car especially in winters. There’s absolutely no need to insulate your garage because it is still better than parking in an open area. 

An insulated garage will obviously keep your car a bit warmer but it isn’t a necessity. If we talk about technical things then keeping your car inside a heated garage will also protect the engine and battery fluids from freezing.

Furthermore, you don’t need to install artificial heaters in your garage as the normal temperature will keep your car ready for an early morning ride.

2- Engine block heater:

How to Keep Your Car Warm Overnight

During winter car camping, the use of an engine block heater becomes almost mandatory. They are known as the simplest form of vehicle engine heaters. Most of the cars around the world come with a single integrated block heater. 

Also, you can install another one with the help of a professional mechanic. The basic job of a block engine heater is to provide the coolant with heat and then transfer that heat to the whole engine of your car.

You’d notice a simple cord attached to the block heater and you will find the cord under the hood of your car – allowing you to plug it into a household socket. We’re not sure but we believe that most of the people around the globe use this technique and they call it the car camping heater.

As your car rests in a garage, it also receives enough heat throughout the night to avoid giving you starting headaches in the morning. 

3- Oil pan heaters:

How to Keep Your Car Warm Overnight


There is another really cool way of heating your car enough throughout the night. In our best ways of how to keep your car warm overnight, this one we believe is one of the most effective ideas. 

The oil pan heater comes with a heating element that is kept at the bottom of the oil pan to keep the engine oil warm. 

It basically means that your car will receive heated or warm oil throughout and you won’t face any issues starting the car in the morning. It also protects the parts of the engine from rasping on each other and creating needless trouble.

If you’re someone who regularly goes out for winter car camping and is looking for an oil pan heater then we’d strongly recommend you to go for the Kat’s 150 Watt Engine Oil Pan Heater.

4- Electric blanket: How to Keep Your Car Warm Overnight


The use of an electric blanket at nights over your car in winters may not be a popular idea worldwide. However, it is still a pretty common and convenient way of keeping your car warm overnight. Placing an electric blanket on the top of your engine or inside the hood means you’d radiate heat into the engine fluids. 

After you’ve placed the blanket in the right area, the socket is plugged in and the blanket is left for a few hours to cast its magic. You must not forget to remove the blanket before you start the engine.

The idea of going out for a winter car camping can be fulfilled with the help of Sunbeam Micro plush Heating Blanket because it offers 10 different heat settings with 10-hours of auto-off function. The 100% polyester design gives it splendid heat insulation.

5- Dipstick heater:

How to Keep Your Car Warm Overnight

Dipstick heaters are very important if you want to keep your car warm overnight. This is one of the most affordable devices on this list and it is pretty easy to use as well. All you have to do is to remove your usual engine oil dipstick and replace it with a dipstick heater in order to heat the oil directly before sending it to your engine. 

The heated oil will run easily into your engine when you press the start button. It is extremely important to mention one thing; you will have to place back your engine oil dipstick and remove the dipstick heater before you start your car. 

The cord of the dipstick heater is attached to a power source. In order to avoid any damage, the oil must occupy at least 12.7 cms or 5-inches of the oil tube. If you use simple lightweight and synthetic oil in your car engine and get rid of your old batteries then all these methods discussed above will reap rewards easily.


These were some of the methods that can keep your car warm at night. Some of them instantly produce results while others will give you benefits slowly and steadily. 

After trying these methods, you’d be able to stay warm in a car overnight if you’re sleeping inside your vehicle. These ideas are also great for winter car camping and how to keep cars warm in winter. 

Also, it is not important to keep your car warm throughout the night. Experts feel that anything more than 4 to 5 hours of heat will make your car ready to be driven early in the morning. 

Try out these methods in severe winters and let us know if they’ve helped you keep your car warm at night. We shall see you soon in another insightful review. Until then, take and good luck with your winter car camping. 

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