How to Sleep in a Hammock – 8 Best Steps

How to Sleep in a Hammock

How to Sleep in a Hammock

Hello and welcome to yet another insightful guide about our daily problems. If you’re new here, you can check out our previous articles in order to learn about the art of hanging a hammock. If you’ve also already seen those reviews then you must get ready for another informative piece.

In our today’s article, we’re going to talk about best ways to sleep in a hammock. A lot of people ask this question of how to sleep in a hammock properly?

For all of our beloved readers, we’re here with this helpful guide to take you through the best possible ways of sleeping comfortably in a hammock. Before we get into the list of tricks that you can before comfortable hammock camping, it is important to tell you that this trend is growing rapidly all across the world.

People are almost fed up of sleeping in their congested rooms and they now prefer sleeping in their backyard in their comfortable hammocks. However, this wasn’t the case a few years ago. Since the trend is growing rapidly, it is perhaps the best time for you to pick up a nice hammock that gives you a comfortable full night sleep.

Let us now discuss the best ways to Sleep in a Hammock.

8 Ways of Sleeping Comfortably in Hammock

1- Diagonal hammock:

best hammock for sleeping

On your first interaction with a hammock, it is quite possible that you’d simply jump into it with your head pointed towards one side and your feet at the other end. While this is a normal position for some of the folks, the pure hammock enthusiasts won’t like it too much. It is because; you simply cannot sleep comfortably in that position. Therefore, we suggest you to side in on the diagonal.

It will basically result in your ‘bed surface’ getting flatter and less curved. You’d simply avoid staring into a piece of cloth so close that disturbs your focus on the sleep.

2- Hanging hammock with a good sag:

best hammock for camping

There are many misconceptions such as tightening your hammock will result in a good and comfortable sleep. There are many other ways of achieving this goal such as rigging up your hammock with generous sag. If your sag is around 30-degree angle or greater, there are more chances of the person sleeping on the hammock getting a comfortable position. By trying this method of pairing good sag with diagonal sleeping, you’d definitely achieve a sound sleep throughout the night.

3- Extra support:

There is no doubt about the fact that sometimes you’d require extra cradling on various parts of your body including your feet, legs and knees. Therefore, we are putting forward a humble advice of getting extra support from stuff like pillows or wadded-up clothes under different parts of your body.

Try this method and seek extra support from these props because they are indeed, very useful. Once you try out this trick, it is our promise that you’d end up finding the best mix of cuddling.

4- Sleeping pad:

camping hammocks

There is absolutely no need to throw away your sleeping pad if you’ve switched on from camping life. As we all agree, you simply cannot fight with the weather and your sleeping pad can help you sleep comfortably on chilly evenings. Place your sleeping bag inside your hammock and lay down on top of it. It will give you a much-needed comfort as well as save you from chilled breeze.

5- Drip line:

portable camping hammock

Rigging up a drip line on your tarp is extremely important as far as sleeping in a hammock is concerned. It can get really tough if rain pours down and you don’t have a drip line on your tarp. For those who don’t know what a drip line is, it is basically a piece of knotted rope that is positioned about six or eight inches away from the tree or other tarp-anchoring sources.

If the rain water starts rolling down the tarp along the attachment lines, it will suddenly divert itself to run down the drip line. Therefore, the droplets won’t reach under the tarp and you won’t face any interruptions.

6- Bug net:

One of the main threats to your full night’s sleep is the insects and bugs roaming around in the air at night. If you’re camping at a place that is surrounded by a lot of trees or greenery, you may regret sleeping without a bug net.

There are two ways of doing it. If you’re a proper hammock enthusiast, you’d buy one with a bug net already installed. If you’re a new comer or a casual hammock sleeper, you can buy one separately. You don’t need to worry the rising weight of your hammock because a bug net doesn’t add any significant amount of weight to it. Also, these bug nets will help you sleep comfortably under mild rain and cool breeze.

7- Hanging hammock correctly:

sleep in hammock

This tip should have been used at the start of the guide. Hanging your hammock is extremely crucial as far as getting a good night’s sleep is concerned.

There is a great need of ensuring a proper hang angle that should be around 30 degrees. This is not a scientifically proven thing and largely depends on individual choice. The hammock hang calculator can also find you the best angle.

8- Sleeping at an angle:

sleeping hammock camping

We obviously cannot forget to tell you about this method of how to sleep in a hammock properly. It is pretty important to sleep at an angle. While most camping hammocks are made to be used asymmetrically, therefore; sleeping diagonally in a hammock allows you to achieve a much flatter lay that results in a great and comfortable sleep.


We’ve concluded that hanging a hammock properly and then sleeping comfortably in it can become pretty easy in the near future. People have already started taking interest in hammocks and the time is not far when three out of every five people would prefer sleeping in a hammock.

The above-mentioned ways are some of the finest and already tried methods of ensuring a comfortable night’s sleep in a hammock.

Do try these at home and let us know in the comments below if you’ve any further queries. We truly hope that this guide was of help to a lot of hammock enthusiasts out there. We shall see you soon in our next guide, until then good bye and good luck.

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