How To Stay Warm In A Tent – Helpful Tips

How to stay warm in a tent during camping at night is one of the most frequently asked questions from our audience. Weather can get extremely frosty at night and people can literally start shivering because of cold. 

How to stay warm in a tent 

In some cases, tents are not well prepared to save you from cool breeze and people inside it feel the cold to a large extent. 

There are a couple of ways to keep a tent warm and stay warm during camping in a tent. Staying warm in a tent is also quite necessary because you don’t want to miss out on the adventurous time you’re going to spend with your friends and trip partners. 

If you’re wondering how to keep a tent warm in cold weather or how to make a tent warmer, you’ve certainly came to the right place. In our today’s article, we’re going to talk about a few really important things that are necessary if you want to stay warm in a tent.

Tips to Stay Warm In A Tent

1- Prepare in advance

It is always a good idea to check the weather of the place you’re going to camp in. People mostly forget about doing their homework and end up shivering in their camps. 

In order to avoid such situation, you must research about the place you’re heading to and also check the overall weather of the place. Also, it is a good idea to pack your clothes and stuff in advance in accordance with the weather of the camping place.

2- Warm clothes:

How to stay warm in a tent 

Before thinking about keeping your tent warm in cold weather, firstly you need to think about keeping yourself warm. Warm clothes are extremely important on any camping trip because weather can change dramatically on such trips. 

At night, the temperature can dip below 30 degrees and you’d need warm clothes to keep you intact. Also, make sure that the warm clothes you have taken are all camping friendly and wouldn’t let you feel the cold. 

3- Picking the right campsite

How to stay warm in a tent 

Choosing a correct campsite can certainly help you make a tent warmer. If you have selected a certain location then try to find a campsite that at least gives you enough space and saves you from free-flowing wind. 

Therefore, setting up a camp on a mountain top or a any other such place won’t be advisable. Look for a place that gives you a little bit of wind and a lot of shield from the breeze. Placing a tarp under the camp will also help you make the tent warmer as it keeps the cold moisture away from the ground.

4- Eating the right food

Apart from physical belongings, an adventurous camping trip will also test your entire body and the food you eat during camping is of utmost importance. 

Things that are required to eat if you want to keep yourself and your tent warmer are loads of proteins and tons of healthy fats. During colder camping trips, try and eat a few snacks every now and then. 

It is extremely important to give your body a calorie-rich meal before you go to sleep. It is because; the food will give your body enough heat to sustain itself properly. Some chicken corn soup and a peanut butter sandwich will be a great choice for everyone that is looking to keep a tent warm.

5- Equipment

One of the main things behind staying warm in a tent is to bring the right equipment. First of all, a sleeping bag is one of the most important things for every camper in winters. 

Never make this stupid mistake of going on a camping trip in winters without a sleeping bag. The ground gets colder as the temperature rises at night and those cotton pads underneath won’t satisfy your body.

Keeping hot water inside the camp will also help you to a large extent as far as staying warm in a tent is concerned. Also, putting an insulated sleeping pad under your sleeping bag will do the job for you.

6- Change clothes

A lot of people make this mistake of getting straight into their sleeping bags after hiking all day. During such laborious exercises, there are high chances of your body releasing sweat from every corner and it can get chilly after some time. 

Therefore, it is highly advisable to get a nice piece of fresh clothes before you think of entering that comfortable sleeping bag. In this way, you’d not only allow yourself to have a nice sound sleep, you’d also save yourself from getting any sweat infections in your body. 

7- Covered head & feet

How to stay warm in a tent 

In winters, most of the people cover their heads with caps and mufflers because the head escapes through your head and you need to cover it properly. A nice warm hat is a perfect solution for all the people that cannot survive the whole night sleeping in a mummy bag. 

Just like your head, the feet of a human being are also quite vulnerable against cold. So, it is highly advisable to use a clean and dry pair of clothes to keep your feet warm. These two methods can certainly help you stay warm camping in a tent.

8- Protect your camp

At last, we’re going to discuss one of the most important things as far as staying warm in a tent is concerned. As a regular tourist, it is quite necessary for you to keep your tent warmer by protecting it from all sides. 

Firstly, you need to choose a nice A3- or A4-season tent and you’d get it according to the weather. Some people travel alone and book a tent of 3-4 people for themselves. Don’t make this mistake; a camp will only get warmer if the required people are staying in it. 

The empty spaces in your camp will attract cold air and you certainly don’t want that. Try to fill up that space with either people or equipment gear.


These were some of the vital ways of staying warm inside a tent and you must follow these steps in order to keep the tent and your body temperature under control. Choosing the right place for a camp is an extremely crucial thing because it generally saves you from all the problems that we’ve discussed above. 

For all the campers that have been wondering how to stay warm in a tent, follow this guide thoroughly to understand the do and don’ts of camping in a cold weather and saving yourself from intense breeze and severe atmospheric conditions.   

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