How to Wear Hiking Boots with Shorts

How To Wear Hiking Boots With Shorts

How to Wear Hiking Boots with Shorts?

Most of us believe that wearing hiking boots with shorts makes you look cool and gives a pleasant angle to your overall personality. It is entirely true because during summertime, you’d notice a lot of boys and girls wearing hiking boots with shorts while going up on a trail. 

If there is no pressure of a freezing temperature, shorts with hiking boots is one of the best solutions to your hiking problems. There is a little thing about wearing shorts properly because if you don’t, things can get a little awkward as far as your dressing sense is concerned. 

Therefore, we’re here to talk about a few important ways of wearing shorts with a pair of hiking boots. While most of the shorts present an informal look, it doesn’t mean you’d agree to an awkward or juvenile look.

Seeing people that wear shorts incorrectly disappoint us to a large extent because they are manufactured to make you look good. In other words, we’re here to help you notice a few things when you’re about to wear shorts with hiking boots.

7 Ways to Wear Hiking Boots with Shorts

Shaved legs:

how to wear hiking boots with skinny jeans

Most of us may not be aware of the fact that hormones always cast their magic differently on everyone’s body. Some people have a lot of hair on their body with some craving for a bit on their face in order to grow a nice beard. 

However, as far as hiking boots are concerned, you will have to shave the hair on your legs with scissors, a hair trimmer or something else. 

Some people don’t have a lot of hair on their body and legs. If you’re one of them, you don’t need to shave it all off. If there’s a handful of hair on your legs, then we advise shaving it off to wear hiking boots with shorts properly. 


wearing hiking boots casually

Choosing the right pair of socks is equally important as any other way of wearing hiking boots with shorts. In order to find a relevant or a reliable pair of socks for your summer hikes, things can get a bit difficult than expectations. 

There are many opinions about different types of socks and experts believe that crew-length socks are generally viable for use with shorts and hiking boots. They come with a productive ability of protecting your boots from rasping against your skin.

Understand the trail:

The one thing that really bothers people during the trails is that some places are beyond their imagination. In that particular moment, you simply cannot afford to have a problem in your appearance. 

For example, you can wear shorts on a simple dry trail with rocks and a little bit of sand. On the other hand, you will have to switch to full-length pants or wearing crew socks instead of shorts if there are lots of bushes, grass or small jungle coming up your way. For this reason, we advise you to understand and know the terrain you’re going to pass through. 

Ideal shorts length:

how to wear hiking boots with leggings

Determining the ideal shorts length for everybody isn’t as easy as it seems. In an ideal scenario, your shorts need to be two inches above your kneecaps. We personally like it that way because shorts shouldn’t go any higher than your kneecaps according to our humble opinion. 

There is no scientific justification of keeping your shorts above your kneecaps and this is solely our opinion that men look good in shorts that are not going too down their feet.

As far as the ideal size of shorts for men is concerned, there are many sizes ranging from 5,7 and 9 inches. However, we personally like 7-inch size better for all the good looking boys and men out there. 

Folks with height of over 6-feet can go for the 9-inch option as it will suit them better. Anything over 9-inch won’t be working for us in any case. These two sizes are perfect to be worn with hiking boots on a summer trail.

Ideal shorts width:

The width or the leg-opening of your shorts is also as important as its length. Most of the summer trip boys out there prefer a trapezoid shape sorts that are too wide and certainly doesn’t appeal us that much. For men, we cannot call it a flattering shape because it can make your legs look really wimpy and thin. 

Ideal shorts would simply follow the shape of your legs and they wouldn’t be too skinny or tight. Therefore, the width of your shorts is another important aspect of how to wear hiking boots with shorts.

Design & style:

We have noticed that people are not as choosy about shorts as they are about other clothes. We truly believe that it is high time for everyone who regularly wears shorts to give them their due credit and respect. 

They’re a hot summer commodity in the market and buyers should be purchasing pieces that attract them aesthetically. Who wouldn’t choose solid colors with attractive designs in shorts because most of the pieces in the market are quite non-fancy and come with a straight forward design. 

People that like patterns can go for polka dots, floral prints or something like that but overall, we’d recommend you to choose attractive and colorful pieces instead of simple ones.

Type of shoes:

how to wear hiking boots with skinny jeans

The kind of shoes you’d wear depends on the place you’re going to hike. Most of the hikers use military boots that are strong and rugged and can withstand against dry and rough areas. Lightweight shoes are advisable if you’re hiking through meadows and lush green outfields. 

In both cases, hiking becomes quite an adventure and you’d surely enjoy it to the fullest. The ideal shorts to wear with hiking boots will stay ahead of your kneecaps.


Hiking boots are a great product to have when you’re wearing hiking shorts. Shorts are known as an alternate to pants when people hike in summer. They stay reasonably cooler compared to full-length pants and are very useful during the summer. 

Although, most of hiking shoes and boots are good enough for summer hiking, however; you also need to keep the weather, location and other difficulties in mind before going out on summer holidays wearing your flip-flops. 

That is the end of our today’s informative piece. We talked about wearing hiking boots with shorts and ways of doing it productively. We truly hope that you’d find this guide useful. Take care, until we meet again. 

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