LectroFan Micro2 – Little Sleep Sound Machine and Bluetooth Speaker

A proper night’s sleep is a great natural gift. Someone who can’t sleep at night properly will understand the importance of sleep. Therefore, we have turned up once again to talk about this issue.

Not only that, we have also brought you a very nice solution in the shape of LectroFan Micro2. It is a tiny white noise machine that weighs as much as a tennis ball. It is just 5 cm tall and to be honest, it is an amazing option for those who can’t sleep well at night.

Go to sleep in minutes with LectroFan Micro2

LectroFan Micro2 sleep better

There is a lot of emphasis on sleep awareness and the national sleep foundation is also trying to raise its voice regarding good sleep and better health. There are a lot of other ways as well to induce sleep but for our liking, we believe that the white noise machine is one of the best in this business.

LectroFan specializes in noise machines and it allows mechanical fans to generate a nondescript sort of background noise. Someone who has grown up in a hot area, will definitely look for the sound of fan and to keep his bedroom cool enough. This trick also gives you the added advantage of low ambient sound that works against any annoying noises.

In fact, there are lots of opportunities to induce the same experience through noise machines and sleep apps that create artificial sounds of raindrops on a window or whistling wind. However, it is very easy to then spot the loop in these sounds and it is going to distract you all the way. The sound of a fan never loops and that is the main reason behind preferring this product.

LectroFan Micro2

In our humble opinion, LectroFan classic is perhaps one of the company’s best-known machines. Also, they have been branched into small wireless devices that can be carried easily in a luggage in case you need to have them on you while traveling.

As discussed before, the weight of this machine is the same as an average cricket ball. It is almost 5 cm tall and is not big enough to accommodate its own fan inside of it. Therefore, it uses pre-recorded samples of real fan noise.

These sounds are quite convincing and, in our tests, we found out that it was almost impossible to spot the loops. We would definitely like to congratulate the minds behind this thought process.

Let’s talk about the types of sound it produces. First of all, some of its pre-programmed noise sound like a gentle whirr of a fan inside a common man’s house. There are sounds that come with a dull background drone of something much bigger and more industrial. This tiny machine is indeed capable of making a lot of different samples of noise.

The design is quite intelligently made. Almost all of these white noise machines are having buttons on the side and a speaker on top. That’s it, you would not find anything else in there. However, there is a special feature in this little machine. It can basically allow you to twist the top to reposition the speaker for directional audios. As far as the engineering is concerned, it’s a really cool landmark and it is not the only trick in this little machine. There is a Bluetooth speaker as well in this machine. Well, how cool is that?

LectroFan Micro2 rotating speaker

The audio engineers can relax because this device is not going to bother them. This machine can certainly help you recall your childhood memories while staying in a hotel on a trip that has nothing to do with your personal life. There is a built-in microphone as well that helps you connect it for hands-free calls.

There is a small loophole as this device does not offer a timer. How cool would it be to turn off the machine automatically after a certain period? This is a great little gadget if you want to have some decent sleep in the night. Overall, we believe that it is one of the cheaper white noise machines you will find in the market.

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