LeMond has launched Prolog – amazing sleek electric bike 

LeMond has launched Prolog – An amazing sleek electric bike

Have you ever seen a completely carbon-framed electric bike? Well, take a look at this beautiful piece designed by the legendary cyclist Greg LeMond. It’s a blended design with beautiful looks and the electrification of this machine is seamless. There are integrated mudguards at both front and back and there is a 500-lumen always-on headlight set flush inside the handlebar. Also, twin 70-lumen taillights are there to increase the overall visibility of LeMond Prolog.

This magnificent machine is using the Mahle X35+ Smart Ebike System along with a powerful 250-watt rear hub motor that gives you a gentle pedal assistance up to 20 mph. It will also improve your acceleration from a standstill position. 

If you are looking for flexibility across all kinds of surfaces then the 11-speed Shimano GRX drivetrain will help you big time. There is a mobile app as well supported by Mahle that keeps a record of your data and integrate it with a Strava account.

You can also specify your Prolog with the help of Shimano’s Di2 shifting system that is basically an electronically controlled mechanized shifting system. It brings out a special information display and allows you to make ultra-accurate gear changes with the help of your fingertips.

Interestingly, this beautiful eBike LeMond Prolog is available in three different colors. You have got classicist Blanc, an intimidating Noir and a shadowy Pink Rosa. You’d also get an optional external clip-on battery pack that is going to increase the range from 45 miles to nearly 80 miles. Among other options, there is the LeMond LC30 rim along with a carbon fiber wheel that is manufactured and made in Germany. 

This is not an ordinary company. It is being managed by one of the legendary figures of this sport. For this reason, we believe that people that are looking to buy a new electric bike, should trust the process of this company and let them deliver their magic.

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