Voiager 5 by Voi – Electric Scooters getting safer, durable and more practical

Here’s how electric scooters are getting safer and sustainable

Have you ever tried an electric scooter? Well, some of us must have tried it in our childhood. It is not actually for kids as adults can also have a quick run around the park sometimes.

But honestly, these electric scooters are getting way popular than ever now. If we talk about the latest generation of Voi electric scooter, the Voiager 5, it brings incredible circularity and the user experience is outstanding as well. This is really cool stuff and if we talk about best electric scooter, the Voiager 5 is certainly among the very best.

This company has been making huge strides of late as they did a deep analysis of repair cycles and that helped them massively in presenting this new model. The design is quite improved and it has taken the V5 to a whole new level of durability.

All of the internal components used in this are quite easy to repair and they are reusable at the same time. The number of recycled materials is actually quite high in this product. There is a lot of focus on electric cars these days and we believe that these electric scooters can bring a new revolution in the already trying to be ”environmental-friendly” society.

The dashboard design has been updated as well and there is an integrated phone holder with automatic turn indicator switch. You will navigate the cities and streets easily and efficiently.

The indicator is a really nice addition and we’d expect new companies to continue adding this feature irrespective of the model. The tires are deemed very safe and are known as the ‘magic wheels’.  Get ready for some smooth rides on extra rough surfaces. You’d also avoid scraping of the foot deck as the company has increased the ride height.

The potholes are going to be navigated pretty easily and will allow you to travel more swiftly on main roads in the city. The brakes are very sturdy and professional. They have been improved without a doubt. The cable breaks make it easy for mechanics to do their magic.

The CEO and co-founder of VOI Fredrik Hjelm also seem quite excited about this new product and is hopeful of making it big.

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