Xiaomi’s new e-bike is coming at a wonderful deal in Halfords deal

Xiaomi’s new ebike is coming at a wonderful deal in Halfords deal

eBikes are now getting the popularity they deserve. There are many outstanding deals but we have found one amazing deal that is going to amaze everyone here. Mi Smart Electric Folding Bike is a nice folding electric bike that provides really good value. Folding bikes are quite expensive and this one is going to cost you around £1,000. 

We believe that this is a really good deal because it is coming from a brand like Xiaomi which is quite well-known throughout the global market. This product can be obtained from the Halfords and it also comes among the top 10 best electric bikes. 

The overall design of Mi Smart Electric Folding Bike is a little tilted towards the ground and the wheels are small as well. However, it’s a fun ride with beautiful features such as gears and built-in lights. These facilities are not available in cheap eBikes.

You don’t have to worry about the folding mechanism of Mi Smart Electric Folding Bike because it is quite simple and effective. Firstly, this eBike was launched at just under £1,500 and it still felt like a really good deal. 

You can cover a maximum of 25 miles per hour speed and the motor tries to push the bike to 16 mph with comfort. This bike is basically designed for short stints easy trips. The style is incredible and at the same time, it delivers in other aspects as well. You can go up the hills with ease because it comes with three power setting and three gears. It weighs around 15 kgs and that is quite low for an eBike. 

You can partially fold it and it becomes easier to carry. The built-in lights are quite low and are situated at an awkward position, however; the design of the frame couldn’t allow them to be somewhere else. They are still quite good in their own aspect and are good to go as far as GearDetects is concerned.

There is no doubt that riding this bike is really enjoyable. It feels stable and the motor is designed to stick around at 15 mph and when you cruise along, it feels like a really cool ride. Especially, when the breeze is cool and it’s a nice summer evening. Do watch you way because the wheels are quite small and there can be places that are tough to ride such a bike. The overall riding experience is really enjoyable, pleasant and something you’d want to do regularly.

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