Yogasleep Travelcube with Timer – White Noise Sound Machine For Deep Sleep

Yogasleep Travelcube Portable Sound Machine with Timer Sound Machine

If you are struggling to get a good night’s sleep away from home then you certainly need a white noise machine such as the Yogasleep Travelcube.

It is basically a compact machine that helps you settle down in a rather unfamiliar place. However, we won’t argue that it is one of the best portable and versatile machines around. No, it’s not.

As far as the size is concerned, the Yogasleep Travelcube isn’t much smaller than many of its competitors. For example, many white-noise full-sized machines such as the HoMedics Deep Sleep Mini.

The Deep Sleep Mini certainly provide some better options such as sound quality and a few other things. Also, the Deep Sleep Mini is not the lightest travel machine in our opinion. We believe that LectroFan Micro 2 is a good one in that regard.

Anyone that struggles with carrying a lot of stuff will enjoy the services of this machine. The numbers are quite huge and clearly labelled. There are five of them and the travel controls are underside the gadget. Therefore, it requires you to pick the whole unit and use it properly. Some customers feel that the controls should have been on the side. However, it is what it is.

All six sounds are high-quality recordings but the number is only six. Also, it is almost impossible to spot the loop points except one or two piano versions.

Availability and price:

If you want to buy it directly from the Yogasleep shop, it’s going to cost you around $20.99 / £34.99 (about AU$42).  Third-party retailers like Amazon Worldwide will also cost you around the same price.

Therefore, we believe that the Yogasleep Travelcube is one of the cheapest and affordable sound machines out there. The LectroFan Micro2 is also a little expensive than the Yogasleep Travelcube in some regions of the world.


Design is an important thing to discuss. If we talk about the Travelcube, it comes across as a square, pillow-shaped device measuring around 90 x 90 x 44mm and weighing close to 180 grams. This is perhaps a bit larger than the LectroFan Micro2. It is almost twice as heavy as the said machine.

Yogasleep Travelcube Portable

You can simply tie this device somewhere on a flat surface because it comes with a hard plastic case with a simple loop on one corner and a lanyard as well. The speaker is covered in light gray fabric and it is situated at the top of the device. There is a ring of soft silicone on the bottom that prevents the device sliding around on your nightstand.

As discussed above, the controls are lying underneath the device and there is a power button, a timer that automatically turns off the machine after 30 minutes, one hour, two hours etc. There is a simple button that allows you to switch between audio effects and there are volume buttons as well. There is a USB port on the side of the machine that is used for its charging.

Overall performance:

This particular noise machine does not present itself as a Bluetooth speaker. The LectroFan Micro2 has this specification but the Travelcube lacks it. The Yogasleep is just a solid noise machine that is built with extreme precision and efficiency.

The plastic case is quite strong and it doesn’t leave a scratch or something while it takes blows more often than not while being carried around. There is a one-year limited warranty as well that allows you to claim warranty in case of an incident or manufacturing fault.

We also believe that the design is quite user-friendly and easy to operate. Only five physical buttons mean that there is no chance of getting confused or messing things up. It is also a great choice for people with vision problems because the numbers and functions are clearly labelled on the back of it.

Sound options:

Basically, there are as many as six sound options to choose from. You have got white noise, brown noise, a piano rendition of Brahm’s lullaby, rain and crashing waves. The collection is obviously not quite huge but all of them are high-quality recordings.

The natural effects are so magnificently managed that it becomes almost impossible to spot the loop points. You are in control of the volume as well and you can bring down or take up its sound anytime, anywhere.

The timer is one of the best-selling points of this machine. This little feature automatically switches off the speaker after 30 minutes, an hour or two as well. People don’t need the sleep noise throughout the night. It’s just there to help them fall asleep. Therefore, the timer getting switched off after 30 minutes is a great service to the machine’s battery life as well.

Some people find it awkward that the controls are underside of the machine. You always need to pick up the device if you want to many any changes. Some folks call it a serious hardship but we feel that it is not such a huge problem that cannot be dealt with regularly.

Yogasleep Travelcube is suitable for:

  • Frequent travelers
  • Someone with dexterity in hands
  • Parents with newbies

Yogasleep Travelcube is not suitable for:

  • People looking for variety of sounds
  • People that don’t travel a lot

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